Saturday, January 26, 2013

Changing "Hoods"

First of all, Thank you for writing.  I love it!  It is amazing how excited I get over mail.  ( letters are great because they come all day long.)'s weird.

My district is the best!  You know in the public schools how there is always the "latino group".  They are always speaking Spanish and have a super laid back attitude about life.  They are always laughing because they think life is funny.  Yeah, that is my district.  I am part of THAT group.  It is kinda weird because I am as white as they come.  Actually, they are really great.  We have sooo many inside jokes.  We have so much fun...all the time.  The scary thing is that everyone in my district got their travel plans today except for me and Elder Cordero.  We are both going to Phoenix.  So, I hope it's just a glitch and that we don't actually have to stay till the 26th.  I'll keep you updated but I should end up leaving the MTC a week from Tuesday or Wednesday.  Also... Elder Evans has told us twice now that this group of missionaries is expected to grow up spiritually and hit the ground running because then we will be able to train super soon the big wave of missionaries they expect.  It is great to think of the responsibilities we have as missionaries coming at the beginning of the surge... but also crazy!

The Spanish...well, this is how most days go.  (This is a true story.)  I said, "Hermana, what is the difference between "mesma" and "misma"?"  She said, "Well Hermana, "mesma" doesn't exist in Spanish."  STORY OF MY LIFE right now.

It has been so humbling to be here.  The things I have learned and been asked to do have changed me.  I know the truths I am teaching my investigators are not something that will just improve their lives or make them happy.  This is what their life is about!  I love my Savior and I love that through Him life may bring what it may.  It is okay because He lives.

Love you!
P.S. I'm in a hurry.  Dinner has started.
(The picture was taken the day Hermana Pickett gave her departing talk in her Chicago "Hood".

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