Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grateful For....

Well its email time!!! Are you excited?! I sure am!! AHHH, I love p-days soooo much.  Well, let me update you on the things I am grateful for… 

  • Mail.  Tara for sending pictures.  I will use them to decorate my wall above my desk.  From what I hear I have a package from Grandma Nancy waiting for me! Shae sent me a package.  And thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Pickett for the Valentine’s card.  I love all the mail I get from y'all.  Thank you. 
  • Moroni 10.   I was studying it for an investigator and I realized that I have lost hope because of my lack of faith.  I needed more faith and it isn’t going to come from my companion or inspiring music.  It has to come directly from God to my hopeless heart.  I was so sad.  I haven’t been having fun.  So... that is what I get to do in the next 6 weeks.  Let God teach me.  He CAN teach me, if I let him.  Keep praying for me and I’ll try to not come home this transfer. (Haha but for real!).
  • Elder Cordero.  He gave me a planner he decorated for me :) I cried.  He has taken on the role of my older brother here in the mission and I love it! So grateful for him! I get to see him tomorrow at transfer meeting!! I’m so excited! It reminds me of the good times at the MTC when missionary work was inspired and powerful.  Yeah, I’m getting it back now
  • Hermana Holmes.   She just got news this morning she is being transferred.  I love that hermana! She makes me laugh.  I’m going to miss her... she is the sister in most of the pictures I’ll be sending home.  She doesn’t like chocolate but someone sent her Nutella... called Dibs! I have used it on toast with peanut butter or bananas:) soooo good!
  • Sister Taylor.  (Mission President's wife) She told me, "I don’t know why you get this opportunity at this time but".... it’s going to be a good mission. 
  • Talent.  I have been blessed with a mind to connect things.   Not communication wise, but I do share gospel concepts well.  I think I’m helping the members like missionary work more! Members are so key! Wow! Seriously.  When I get home and get married I want to be that couple in the ward that the missionaries know they can come to because I believe in the work! And members are so crucial... I did not get that before.
  • Last thing... Hermano Santos Marmolejo.  He is my favorite!! He is a recent convert of like 10 months.   He lives in the trailer park in the south part of our area and he is so cool! He owns an ice cream van and drives it in the area around where his daughter lives.  That way he sees his grand-kids every day. He loves his grand-kids.  Their family, his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren are the only member of his family in the church. He struggles with being lonely and he really wants to be the best he can.  But it's hard.  Life is hard.  One day I asked if we could visit him and we got to! When we were talking to him he told us he was really sad and so grateful we came to visit him.  The other day he gave us a popsicle from his van.  It was so good! It was a nut popsicle.  I don’t really know how to describe it but so good!  He is really helping us find people.  I’m excited! And he is the best! He is the guy I pray for when I want to go home.  When I see him, I’m glad I haven’t gone home.
 Anyway I gotta go.  But I hope all is well in the real world.  I love you.  And I hope you know that I only have 16.5 months left!  I will get to the day when I don’t feel like I have enough time.  I gotta grow my faith first and choose to have more fun.  Love you all!!

Hermana Pickett

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