Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I LOVE Mail! (I Love Pizza too!)

Hi Family!

Let me just say getting mail has been great! Grandma Nancy is in the lead for most letters sent! Holy Cow!! Grandma you are the best!!! Love it.  Keep going strong.  Let’s see who wins this next week.  (Just kidding…but for real!) 

Here is my newest story.  On Saturday, we had a lesson with Jesus.  (I love that I’m teaching a Jesus :))   I ended up teaching 95% of the lesson.  At the end, my companion started talking about when we could come back.  She set our next meeting up for Thursday.  I asked her Thursday?  This man needs us NOW!! Not a week from now... I wanted to come back sooner and read the BOM with him since he can’t read! I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help him.  Then I was like ahhh!!! We never invited him to be baptized.  So, I brought it back and invited him.  He said. "Si, pero no se nadar".   I was excited that he understood that part of the invitation… and he said yes! I wanted to invite him to church.  My companion said maybe next time.   I thought, okay, I guess that’s how it works.  Later that night, we visited a less active.  I had the opportunity to testify and the Spirit was very strong.  I invited them to come to church.  The next day at church, the elders asked me and my companion if we had called our investigators to see if they were coming to church.  I was shocked! This is something we can do?! So I called Jesus! I wanted him so badly to come to church!

This week I have felt like I did more at home to help people come unto Christ than here on my mission.  Then, I feel bad for wanting to go home so... it’s gotta change.  Pronto.  I’m working on it.  I don’t want to live for study time! I want to live to work to bring souls to repentance and salvation!!

Okay, really fast before I have to get off.  Can we talk about the Spanish speakers in Phoenix.  To them EVERYTHING is "Gracias a Dios".  I could ask, "You had grilled cheese for lunch?" and they would respond, "Ah, si, gracias a Dios".  What?!  Haha, I love it.

Also, I had a Spanish/Portuguese slip up this week... I prayed in a less active's home for them to have the “anger” they needed to continue doing the things they knew they should.  Yeah... "coragem" in Spanish does not have the same meaning as it does in Portuguese.

Anyway, I gotta go. But I love you all and hope you are having a good President’s Day.
 Hermana Pickett
P.S. We hiked South Mountain this morning as a zone.  It was fun. :)  There are a couple of pictures coming your way.

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