Saturday, February 9, 2013

Palm Trees?

Hola!  There are palm tress here!  What?  I was not expecting that.  I am at the mission home tonight and I go out in the morning to the South Phoenix Zone.   Because two other missionaries and I came mid-transfer, we did not get the normal incoming orientation.  We came directly to the zone conference.  It was...not gonna lie... really overwhelming.  But, it is going to get getter.  I have faith in that. 

I had some hard news on my flight today.  I saw a friend from high school in the  temple baptistry on the Friday past.  She told me her younger brother was hospitalized from flu complications.  Today on the flight someone told me that a Timpview student died over the weekend.  I made the connection.  Quite honestly, I am exhausted, emotional, and just tired.  I'm excited to get out to work so I can forget my problems.

I hope this letter finds you well.  I love you!!

P.S.  The chocolates Tim sent me have made many a person's day in two different states.  Thanks you Tim and Natalie!

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