Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Answers to Questions?

To answer the many questions that Tara sent me, for exercise, I run.  Back and forth so I can stay close to my companion who walks.  I will never complain about running on a track again!  Then, I "stretch".  Sometimes, I do it lying down.  I do not do cartwheels to get around.  We have a car.  We have limited miles but we drive everywhere.  A car is not so good when it is hotter than outside.  I teach in Spanish…Español.  We get lots of contact in English that we pass on to the English Elders or Sisters.  Bummer!  We have a trio of Elders in our ward and are looking forward to more.  My area has a lot of "South Phoenix" parts.  That is where most of our investigators are.  Also in our area are some new housing developments.  It is impossible to find anyone in these areas without the members.  Missionary work is changing.  I think another reason why so many women are going on missions is because the Lord needs them later to raise families that do missionary work.  It’s real.  Missionary work goes hand in hand with members.  We eat with members but not consistently.  When we do, it is Mexican food made by  people that live in the US.  I hope that helps answer your question as to what the food is like.  It is not the poor Mexican food we had in Mexico. 

To report on the happenings of last week, intercambios are AMAZING!!!!! So many miracles happened that day.  Companionship study went by quickly and we had a powerful lesson with Eva, an investigator.  I am focusing on the Book of Mormon this week.  We have investigators that we have failed to teach the significance of that book.  It is true or it isn’t. We taught Eva about it and invited her to be baptized.  She said no because she wants God to tell her what to do.  At that point, we testified to her as representatives of Jesus Christ of the power of the book  and that if she reads it specifically praying to know if it is true, she will get her answer.  She just has to do it.  That is the hard part.  The Spirit was so strong.  The whole day just went by fast.  We didn’t even have time to really eat dinner.   This Hermana I was on exchanges with knows Kendall Lackey! And her fiancé! 

Another investigator, Ruben is so prepared.  He passed his interview last night!!! The problem is that a member of the Seventies is coming to speak in Spanish on Sunday.  So, there will not be any Sunday baptisms.  Saturday night we are gone to the Easter pageant.  That left Saturday afternoon as the only option.  Ruben works Saturday afternoon.  He is asking his boss to get off.  That would be nice but the miracle we are looking for is for Ruben to have Saturday and Sunday afternoon off to he can be baptized and then come to church and be confirmed.  We are praying a lot for that right now.  After his interview he was glowing! Then he said "Y ahora, quien va a traer la tequila para despues del bautismo para celebrar?!" He laughed so hard.
We are pushing back Jesus’s date.  He doesn’t understand the need for a Redeemer.  Everything we have to share isn’t really important if you don’t understand that.  So, hopefully on the 30th?  He wants to be baptized.  Also, there is member that came out with us last week.  She is so funny.  She gets so distracted but loves the church.  She is very hard to teach with but makes really good tortillas that she shares with us.  This last week, she fell asleep during a lesson. Does a member present count if... the member wasn’t really present?!

So this is the weather update.  Last week driving away from zone meeting it hailed so hard we had to stop driving.  This week driving away from district meeting it was 93 degrees and I was sweating.  Bring it on!
Why have I never noticed that only at this time in my life will my initials be HP?!  That is the SAME AS HARRY POTTER!

One last funny story from last Monday, we were teaching an investigator Maria when her friend Ramon entered.  He used to be a pastor.  He deviated and asked me what faith is.  So I’m thinking scriptures bring the spirit and testify better than me... I’ll use Ether 12:6.   So I asked him, "Puedo usar una escritura para contestar su pregunta?" He said no! He said I want to know what YOU think faith is.   I said, "Yo creo que la fe es las cosas que se esperan y no se ven." BAM!!! Mormon told him anyway what faith was!  Ramon had no idea what hit him.  I didn’t read a scripture, I quoted it! That will be a fun heaven moment for him.

Anyway lots of miracles, lots of really hard moments, but it keeps going.  I love you all.  Hope you had a good St. Patrick’s Day. 

Hermana Pickett

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