Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jesus Has A Baptismal Date!

First off, can you guess by the subject what the exciting news is this week? Yeah!  Jesus has a baptismal date!!  It is the 24th of March.  So... our big concern is the word of wisdom.  We just taught him about it.  He said the only thing he will have to change is coffee... and yet his house smells of tobacco.  So I’m not sure what to do there.  I’ll ask other missionaries.  We have a lot to do between now and then for him to be ready, mostly church.  It’s been cool to watch my teaching and commandment enforcing come from love for Jesus even though I don’t really know him.  It’s not my love.  It’s God's.
So I’ve starting writing scriptures on notecards in Spanish.  Then, whenever I feel like things are dragging, I start memorizing it. Also, when we are with the members, I just work to love them to death.  I taught the beehives yesterday.  It was fun.  Thank you EFY for preparing me better to on the spot teach a class about the Atonement. 

We had a ward service project on Saturday.  That was really fun to just be IN JEANS and working with the ward.  Doing the same thing as they were doing was really cool.  I found in all the trash that we picked up a card.  As missionaries, we thought it was funny.  One of the members found an unopened bag of AA hats.  We all started wearing them for the rest of our service time.  I really like service.  It was so nice to be in jeans too.  I think that is the first time I’ve worn jeans since... like before I went to Chicago.

So, Elder Cardoso is my district leader and he is from Brazil.  We speak Portuguese sometimes.  Elder Cardoso arrived here 2 weeks before I did.  He is emphasizing working with the members.  At coordination meeting this last week, he laid it down…straight up use Preach My Gospel to change 180 degrees the way the ward does missionary work! It was awesome! The meeting lasted so long that we had to leave before it ended!  After the meeting, we actually had a member go with us the next day to teach a new investigator, Ruben.  We would never have been able to get this hermano to go with us (long story...) but he did.  The next day he not only came, but he was on time! And!!! He helped in the lesson! The lesson went from being something we were worried about being able to teach to a lesson in which the hermano beat us to the baptismal invite!! It was AWESOME!!  Preach My Gospel speaks doctrine.  Member work is 100% necessary.  And Aguila is rolling like a stone cut out! It is the place to be! I was telling another Hermana this and she was really happy because Aguila has not been like this... I am so happy that my work here is doing SOMETHING.   

Finally a funny story.  Yesterday between our meetings and church, we were studying in a room located by a single room bathroom.  I heard TONS of knocking.  Finally, we open our door but did not see anyone knocking on the bathroom door.  Then we realized... it’s coming from inside the single room bathroom.  There was someone stuck in there!! So I was talking to him from outside and told him we would be back.  We came and left various times trying keys, paper clips and cards trying to get the handle to actually turn the mechanics inside.  We ended up with at least six men from different wards all working on trying to get the door to open.  Finally, Hermana Madrueno comes with a massive knife.  I’m not sure where he got it from. I don’t know if the kitchen would keep a knife this big.  Finally with this huge knife and hammer in hand, Hermano Madrueno opens the door!! Out comes the guy.  He didn’t say anything.  He just walked away.  I was little concerned that he might be an investigator.  (He was!)  But.. the church is still true! Even if investigators get stuck in the bathroom for 15 minutes while being entertain by members in broken Spanish and English saying, "Where did you get that knife from?!" or "Is someone stuck in there?"   Afterwards, we taped the handle and I made a sign that said:  “Do not use.”  Haha, oh boy.

Alright I got to go.  I love you! Have a good week and I’ll talk to you later!

Hermana Pickett

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