Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthday Celebrations!

Hi!  Okay so...this last week has been so good and so bad.  It has been so good because I love Easter.  It means so much more to me now.  I was reading in Jesus the Christ yesterday and I love how Mary was comforted for just hearing Jesus say her name.  I have definitely felt that at times in my life.  Also, I love how the JST changes the story in various Gospels so that two angels were there at the tomb.  It is how we go out in companionships while serving missions and later in a marriage of two to share the good news that He lives.  I loved it.

Another good thing was my birthday.  It was a pretty normal day with the exception that Hermana Dayton and Pousima made me a cake.  Hermana Coronado called me and played the 5 minute birthday song for me. It was funny.  By the way, my new hobby is decorating planners.  I love it!  Hermana Dayton was really struggling this week.  I talked with her.  Missions are hard.  It was good to follow the Spirit and help her.  I have felt alone before as she did.  So.. thanks to all of you who pray for me so I can be here to help others. 

As for how last week was bad.  Well, Ruben canceled his baptism and then he moved and doesn’t have telephone service.  Twice this week had to track him down in south Phoenix using maps drawn in the dirt and lots of prayers.  Also, I got a letter from a friend this week on Wednesday.  I was in tears in the car returning from our district meeting.  Also, the district meeting was so weird.  The spirit was just not there.  It was super uncomfortable.  So bad district meeting, hot weather, sad letter... I was overwhelmed to start off a long day. Then, we drove to a house to receive a referral but the English Elders were visiting.  They are not even in our zone!  I was confused as to what was happening.  I wanted to make sure we got the referral so I called.  As I was ending the message to the investigator , I said "y decimos estas cosas en el nombre de.......", pause, uncomfortable noises,  pause, and then "bye".  It was so uncomfortable but it made me laugh.  I needed to laugh.  It was a blessing.  

I love you and have a good general conference weekend! Talk to you on Tuesday!

Hermana Pickett

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