Thursday, April 18, 2013

This week has been AMAZING!!!!!!

I am in the only companionship with two trainees in the mission and I just finished training last week.  We had one investigator.  We lost our phone.  We got lost and… we didn’t even know where we lived!!!  It has been soooo good! Working in a trio is hard balance wise.  I have no idea how to take over an area and train new missionaries.  Somehow the Lord will qualify whom He calls.  I know that now.   I have no idea why we were entrusted with this responsibility but I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow.  I’m so grateful for Hermana Dayton, I have learned so much from her, to love the people and the work.  My attitude has completely changed.  Missionary work is what I thought it was.  I am so happy.  I don’t dread the next year and a half.  You can be happy on a mission!!!
We are the first sisters in this stake in quite a while.  The area book is barely there and we could not even find a map!

So, I miss South Phoenix.  It is not just the smell of marijuana that takes over at night or the sketchiness of it in general.  It’s amazing how you feel love for people simply wanting them to return to live with God and doing everything you can to make sure that happens.  Saying bye to Santos and Ruben and Jesus was really hard.  Praying for all of the investigators and new investigators for the last time was hard.  I cried.  I learned so much about love.  God loves them and I got to feel a little bit of it.  I am so grateful for that.

Then coming to Peoria, there are houses.  There are people who work during the day.  Our apartment complex has a gym we use every morning and a mini put-put golf course.  We just got desks.  That is a relief.  We bugged the zone leaders a lot till we got enough dishes and chairs.  They just brought us so much!!! We are excited to actually go back, organize, and buy food.  I am so moved by the faith of my companions.  They try so hard without the language skills.  

Something that I loved from this week was reading Mosiah 4 with missionary work in mind. I recommend it.  It is something we have covenanted to do.  In Jacob 4:5, I found something I really like, but it only works in Spanish.   It talks about how the commandments "orienta nuestras almas hacia el".  I love that!  If you think of the word “commandments” in Spanish “mandamientos”, “manda” means to send/orient,  “mient” our minds.  So, mandamientos means to orient and send our minds and souls to God.  I love that!  

Hermana Pickett

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