Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Companions, New Address!

Here is my new address:

400 North 96th ave #2005
Tolleson, AZ  85353-2243

By the way, I'm in a trio with Hermanas Baumgartner and Walker.  Hermana Baumgartner is Kendall's fiance's best friend!  Crazy stuff is happening.  Hope all is well.

Hermana Pickett

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to South Phoenix!

I am being transferred back to South Phoenix!!! I am being given a new missionary and apparently another missionary.  She and I will be Coordinating Sisters.  I currently have flashbacks running through my head of six weeks ago.  This transfer, however, does not even include an area book!  Basically... it’s going to be nuts.  I am glad I have trusted with this but I am really struggling with it at the same time.   I will learn a lot I guess.  President Taylor said there are two Spanish Hermanas coming in this transfer and 9 English Sisters.  The mission will be opening 5 areas this transfer and probably 10 next transfer.  Basically, mission life is crazy right now.

Jesus was baptized!!! I got to go!!! Santos baptized him.  Basically it was the best moment in a long time. I got to see some of my favorite people from South Phoenix all at the same time.  The ward in my first area was really excited to see me.  That filled me because I don’t remember really feeling like I helped them or like they liked me.  To see that they actually do meant a lot.  

We had an awesome district hike this morning and now I still have to pack but I am so grateful I get to email.  Our FHE last night was AWESOME!!!  It was the plan of salvation.  It made me excited for when I do FHE's with my family in the future.  It also made me miss EFY.  I loved hearing what those teenagers had to say and then relating EVERYTHING they said to the gospel.

I am thinking of another uplifting thing...we are getting Waldo’s tacos tonight!  Yep :)

Hermana Pickett

Monday, May 20, 2013

What is PMG?

The computer situation today is complicated so I don’t have a lot of time.  There are a few things:
  1. I love The Book of Mormon! It’s so good!
  2. Did I ever tell you that Sister Parks, Hillary Parks from the Shoal Creek Ward in Texas, is in my district?  The other day, our district leader Elder Anderson told me he feels like he is the Relief Society President.  In our district, there are two sets of Sister companions and one with Elders.  We rock.
  3. District meeting on Friday was so hard.  We had finished the trainer/trainee meeting that morning.  We were so giggly from comp study and then, they showed one of my favorite pmg videos.  (What is PMG?)   It was tough to not lose it.  I made it through.
  4. Our most progressing investigators are moving!  Hopefully I get to go back for Jesus's baptism, maybe.
  5. It was good to talk to y’all yesterday!  Dad, I did not get your update.  I was so sad afterwards.  Please tell me in a letter and you get to go first at Christmas!!!  I was doing fine during our call until Tara said Ana prays for me every time.  Thank you for your prayers.  They are probably the reason I am still able to get up every morning.  You will never know how your faithful prayers help.  Then when I had to say "talk to you at Christmas". That was hard.
Well, I’d love to write more but I got to wrap up.  I hope you all have a fantastic week.  Please note that the 100 degree weather here today is.... GREAT!

Hermana Pickett

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Phun Photos from Phoenix


Mission Possible!!!

It was a rough week.  We lost a lot of investigators, but…we’ve now gone through almost the entire area book and tried to see everyone.  That’s pretty good right?  It’s good.  It’s also getting hot.

I did an exchange with other sister missionary in an English area.  I attended a Sun City senior ward coordination meeting.  It was incredible!!! EVERYONE in the ward council was there!  I’ve never seen that!  The missionaries and the ward members worked together for 45 minutes to communicate and actually get things done! I was taking notes like crazy to take back to my ward.   It was cool.  It was really nice to just be around people that told me they appreciated me and my work.  Wow.  Tell your missionaries you appreciate them! It is so nice to hear.  

This next story also happened while I was part of an exchange.  My companion and I were in the car waiting for members to show up to a lesson when this guy on foot almost ran into our car.  He was being followed by his 3 year old son/grandson.  We watched him stagger and run into the wall and another house.   We got out of our car to help him because something had to be really wrong.  I had never seen anything like that even while working as a lifeguard in dealing with people fainting from heat or dehydration.  As we approached him, he fell.  We ran to where he had fallen and rolled him over.  He had blood down his face and in his mouth.  I immediately went into first aid mode and asked consent.  I did a head to toe check and was asking questions as my companion checked his pulse.  Quickly, we figured out he had been drinking.  We walked him back to the car, cleaned him up with a first aid kit they put in the day before, and walked him home.  We got a return appointment, ha-ha!  

It was fun to use my first-aid skills that I never use anymore.  I miss life guarding.  I missed it a lot because when I was life guarding, I felt like I was doing something important for others.  Now, I don’t get the attention for doing my job even though I am doing important work!   I live in a bug infested apartment.  My companion and I ask for food because we can’t go home to eat.   I go up to people’s houses uninvited and ask to come in.   I own a straightener that I NEVER use and I’ve only painted my nails once.  I feel tired and sweaty pretty much all the time and maybe I get way too excited for Mondays.  But…I have this cool job where I get to invite people to change.  I get to testify that Jesus Christ came.  And because Christ lives, we can live.  We can be happy.  It is up to us to choose to apply His teachings that ARE restored.   I get to tell everyone about this other book, The Book of Mormon:  Another Testament of Jesus Christ, that makes so much sense and fills your life with more peace than you could even imagine! And... it’s not magic.  It’s completely based on love.  Love that I don’t yet completely understand but believe it will be a good day when I do.

Hermana Pickett

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easy or Hard?

Last Monday we had a ward FHE after an awesome lesson on the restoration with Paolo! He is from Guadalajara!  Can you send me a picture of us there so I can show him!  I LOVE HISPANIC CULTURE.  Never in 1 million years would you catch an English ward doing what we did the other evening.  Here, everyone is family.  The activities include parents, young single, youth and children.  The missionaries joined in.  Everyone was just enjoying it and being goofy.   I am grateful I humbled myself to learn Spanish so that I can connect with these people here.  

This week I have been thinking a lot about an analogy I have worked on with the Plan of Salvation and my mission.   My thoughts have come from the hardships of a mission.  There are times I wonder... I didn’t have to come on a mission, so why did I?  What does that have to do with our lives on earth?  We didn’t have to come to earth.  So, why did we?  One third of the host of Heaven didn’t come.  What was so convincing in Satan's rebellion?  Then, I got it.  Just like the results of serving a mission were appealing to me before I came, the risks of success and everyday sacrifices were real.  There was no guarantee.  In Heaven it was the same.  We wanted so badly to have all of the blessings Heavenly Father had to give us. We wanted to be like him.  We were presented with the chance to do it.  We were not guaranteed the outcome, only the opportunity for choice.  It must have been pretty scary to realize we might fail.  That is what made Satan's plan so appealing.  It gives me courage that I had enough faith in my Heavenly Father and His plan to come to Earth.   We came here to learn to be like God.  In learning, we have and will make mistakes.   Jesus Christ’s atonement is crucial so that there is the opportunity to learn from these mistakes.   I don’t know why I thought it would be easier to withstand temptation on a mission.  That was naive.  Satan has only worked harder.  It is easier to stop one sister missionary than stopping several others from listening to her. 

After pondering these points, I have a greater appreciation for what life must have been like before coming to Earth.  Life is hard.  That is why a mission must also be hard.  I know God could take away the pains of a mission.  He has the power to do anything.  But, missionaries that walk around being invincible would not be able to understand and testify of Christ’s atonement because they are not using it.  Having personal applications of the atonement every day is hard but it is the only way.  I am a representative of Him who gave all that we may return to live with God.  If I represent Him, I must taste of His goodness by using His atonement.

So... I’m going to wrap this up.  I hope everyone has a good Cinco de Mayo! I am having Chilean food.  Because we have to be in our apartments by six, we are going to make brownies, pico de gallo, and watch The Testaments.   I’m excited.  Maybe we can even paint nails!! That would make me feel like a girl again.