Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to South Phoenix!

I am being transferred back to South Phoenix!!! I am being given a new missionary and apparently another missionary.  She and I will be Coordinating Sisters.  I currently have flashbacks running through my head of six weeks ago.  This transfer, however, does not even include an area book!  Basically... it’s going to be nuts.  I am glad I have trusted with this but I am really struggling with it at the same time.   I will learn a lot I guess.  President Taylor said there are two Spanish Hermanas coming in this transfer and 9 English Sisters.  The mission will be opening 5 areas this transfer and probably 10 next transfer.  Basically, mission life is crazy right now.

Jesus was baptized!!! I got to go!!! Santos baptized him.  Basically it was the best moment in a long time. I got to see some of my favorite people from South Phoenix all at the same time.  The ward in my first area was really excited to see me.  That filled me because I don’t remember really feeling like I helped them or like they liked me.  To see that they actually do meant a lot.  

We had an awesome district hike this morning and now I still have to pack but I am so grateful I get to email.  Our FHE last night was AWESOME!!!  It was the plan of salvation.  It made me excited for when I do FHE's with my family in the future.  It also made me miss EFY.  I loved hearing what those teenagers had to say and then relating EVERYTHING they said to the gospel.

I am thinking of another uplifting thing...we are getting Waldo’s tacos tonight!  Yep :)

Hermana Pickett

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