Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easy or Hard?

Last Monday we had a ward FHE after an awesome lesson on the restoration with Paolo! He is from Guadalajara!  Can you send me a picture of us there so I can show him!  I LOVE HISPANIC CULTURE.  Never in 1 million years would you catch an English ward doing what we did the other evening.  Here, everyone is family.  The activities include parents, young single, youth and children.  The missionaries joined in.  Everyone was just enjoying it and being goofy.   I am grateful I humbled myself to learn Spanish so that I can connect with these people here.  

This week I have been thinking a lot about an analogy I have worked on with the Plan of Salvation and my mission.   My thoughts have come from the hardships of a mission.  There are times I wonder... I didn’t have to come on a mission, so why did I?  What does that have to do with our lives on earth?  We didn’t have to come to earth.  So, why did we?  One third of the host of Heaven didn’t come.  What was so convincing in Satan's rebellion?  Then, I got it.  Just like the results of serving a mission were appealing to me before I came, the risks of success and everyday sacrifices were real.  There was no guarantee.  In Heaven it was the same.  We wanted so badly to have all of the blessings Heavenly Father had to give us. We wanted to be like him.  We were presented with the chance to do it.  We were not guaranteed the outcome, only the opportunity for choice.  It must have been pretty scary to realize we might fail.  That is what made Satan's plan so appealing.  It gives me courage that I had enough faith in my Heavenly Father and His plan to come to Earth.   We came here to learn to be like God.  In learning, we have and will make mistakes.   Jesus Christ’s atonement is crucial so that there is the opportunity to learn from these mistakes.   I don’t know why I thought it would be easier to withstand temptation on a mission.  That was naive.  Satan has only worked harder.  It is easier to stop one sister missionary than stopping several others from listening to her. 

After pondering these points, I have a greater appreciation for what life must have been like before coming to Earth.  Life is hard.  That is why a mission must also be hard.  I know God could take away the pains of a mission.  He has the power to do anything.  But, missionaries that walk around being invincible would not be able to understand and testify of Christ’s atonement because they are not using it.  Having personal applications of the atonement every day is hard but it is the only way.  I am a representative of Him who gave all that we may return to live with God.  If I represent Him, I must taste of His goodness by using His atonement.

So... I’m going to wrap this up.  I hope everyone has a good Cinco de Mayo! I am having Chilean food.  Because we have to be in our apartments by six, we are going to make brownies, pico de gallo, and watch The Testaments.   I’m excited.  Maybe we can even paint nails!! That would make me feel like a girl again.

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