Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mission Possible!!!

It was a rough week.  We lost a lot of investigators, but…we’ve now gone through almost the entire area book and tried to see everyone.  That’s pretty good right?  It’s good.  It’s also getting hot.

I did an exchange with other sister missionary in an English area.  I attended a Sun City senior ward coordination meeting.  It was incredible!!! EVERYONE in the ward council was there!  I’ve never seen that!  The missionaries and the ward members worked together for 45 minutes to communicate and actually get things done! I was taking notes like crazy to take back to my ward.   It was cool.  It was really nice to just be around people that told me they appreciated me and my work.  Wow.  Tell your missionaries you appreciate them! It is so nice to hear.  

This next story also happened while I was part of an exchange.  My companion and I were in the car waiting for members to show up to a lesson when this guy on foot almost ran into our car.  He was being followed by his 3 year old son/grandson.  We watched him stagger and run into the wall and another house.   We got out of our car to help him because something had to be really wrong.  I had never seen anything like that even while working as a lifeguard in dealing with people fainting from heat or dehydration.  As we approached him, he fell.  We ran to where he had fallen and rolled him over.  He had blood down his face and in his mouth.  I immediately went into first aid mode and asked consent.  I did a head to toe check and was asking questions as my companion checked his pulse.  Quickly, we figured out he had been drinking.  We walked him back to the car, cleaned him up with a first aid kit they put in the day before, and walked him home.  We got a return appointment, ha-ha!  

It was fun to use my first-aid skills that I never use anymore.  I miss life guarding.  I missed it a lot because when I was life guarding, I felt like I was doing something important for others.  Now, I don’t get the attention for doing my job even though I am doing important work!   I live in a bug infested apartment.  My companion and I ask for food because we can’t go home to eat.   I go up to people’s houses uninvited and ask to come in.   I own a straightener that I NEVER use and I’ve only painted my nails once.  I feel tired and sweaty pretty much all the time and maybe I get way too excited for Mondays.  But…I have this cool job where I get to invite people to change.  I get to testify that Jesus Christ came.  And because Christ lives, we can live.  We can be happy.  It is up to us to choose to apply His teachings that ARE restored.   I get to tell everyone about this other book, The Book of Mormon:  Another Testament of Jesus Christ, that makes so much sense and fills your life with more peace than you could even imagine! And... it’s not magic.  It’s completely based on love.  Love that I don’t yet completely understand but believe it will be a good day when I do.

Hermana Pickett

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