Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Funny Story

The other day, I and my two companions went to visit two antiguos (older persons) that lived pretty close to each other.  We knocked on the first one’s door.  No one was home.  We walked down the street to the other home.  On our way there, we notice water running down the street from an unattended garden hose.  We knock on the door of the home from where the water was running to tell them their hose was on.  This really big lady answers the door with "WHAT!"  We said, "Well,.. we just wanted to tell you that your hose was on..." She instantly was happy and said, "Oh, thank you! Sorry... I was just fighting with my ex and... blah blah blah."  We asked if there was anything we could do and she said, "Nope. You just... keep doing what you are doing."  Then she walked briskly back into her house. 
From there, we proceeded to knock on the second antiguos house.  It was literally just across the street.  When we knocked, a 13 year old girl answered with only half of her body out the door and headphones around her neck.  She looked like we were going to kill her.  Without even having a chance to say anything, this is how the conversation went:

"Oh, my mom isn’t home right now.   Can you come back in like an hour? Cause she’s busy"
"Oh yeah, that’s fine."
"Okay yeah, cause she’s sleeping.  So, in an hour would be better because she’s busy cleaning and can’t come to the door right now."
"Yeah, okay.  We can come by later. But, what was your name?"
"Uhhhh," 5 seconds of silence, "my name?" She looked like she was searching her mind for one.
"Yeah, your name."
"Well, I don’t know cause I have a nickname.  And, sometimes I get confused."
"Oh, okay, what is your nickname?"
"Well, I don’t really remember my name because everyone calls me by my nickname."
"Oh, okay, so what do you go by?"
"Ummm.... well my nickname is.....(silence).... Freddie."
"No, Friday"
"Oh, Friday.  Cool!
"Yeah, so come back in like on hour."
"Okay we will come by later.  Good to meet you Friday"

I had to walk quickly behind the garage because I almost lost it laughing.  It was the strangest thing ever! So funny

It is getting to be soooo hot.  We had two days of over 110 and.... it’s hot. 

Love Hermana Pickett

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