Monday, June 17, 2013

"And We Were Sweating..."

As you might guess... it’s hot!   But I’ll try to not talk about that and defer from adding "and it was hot" or "and we were sweating" to everything!!!

Last week we had 2 full days of meetings for district leaders.  They were good ones, but meetings.  At one of them, there was a sister’s panel.  Six of the Sister Training Leaders answered questions about how to work, interact with and help female missionaries without crossing the line.  It was fun to see some Elders worry so hard about crossing the line that they did’t even talk to us.  Then, there are the other Elders.  Perhaps they could use more separation. We also had an emotional health specialist from LDS Family Services come in and talk to us.  Wow, that was so good to hear.  I think every missionary in our mission needs to hear that speech.  It was really hard after the meetings to say good-bye to those leader missionaries who are in the Phoenix and South Phoenix Zones.  Those areas will no longer be in our mission after July 1st. 

After our meetings and on the rest of the days this week, we picked up Hermana Walker and went out to work.  For a long time, our area was without missionaries.  But… miracles still happened.  On Saturday, we had a full day of findings.  All day, in the heat (not to mention it was hot and we were sweating), we worked our notebook.  Our notebook lists every former investigator, less active, part member family or potential investigator arranged by area:  street north to south and number east to west.  It was incredible.  The whole day people were placed in our path.  Many times we wouldn’t even make it to the apartment or house because we would run into people, families, and they all spoke Spanish! It was miraculous! We even gave up our lunch hour to do service knowing we were going to fast that night.  
 Currently, we have only one investigator family.  But... they are so close! Our fast was for them and specifically the 17 year old daughter.  She has not yet been able to recognize her answer.  We are hoping that the whole family will be baptized on June 23.  It has been another miracle to see this family change.  I have never seen someone's countenance change like I have the mom’s.  What a blessing to be able to see that. 

Anyway... back to Saturday.  While we were finding, we happened to knock on the door of a drug deal/drug party.  It was really funny.  And when we walked up to the door, we ran into this guy.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to talk to him because he got rushed in when the person who lived there opened the door.  We ended up putting a pass along card on his car.   What we wrote on the card read, “When you want to turn your life around, call us".  Bold is not a problem with our threesome companionship.  And when we are fasting, it only gets better! 

Lastly, I am so sick of all of my clothes.  My companions and I really want to go buy fabric and make really easy elastic top skirts in different colors and prints.  We can wear them with really simple tops.  This would be great because it is so hot.   How do elders do it?! I don’t know if I could take the variety of only changing my tie. Maybe that would make getting dressed in the morning a lot easier!

Hermana Pickett

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