Saturday, June 22, 2013

Half Price Shakes after 8 p.m....

It’s a problem.  Enough said.  A brutal awakening this week has been how much of my body I sacrifice on a mission.  Yeah, we are always tired.  Yeah, we are always sweating.  Still, biggest and hardest part for me here in Estrella is the food.  Members feed us every day!  Right now you are probably thinking, "Why is she complaining about this?"  Here is the thing: the food is never ending.  You show up, they serve you a plate of beans, rice, meat, etc.  These are all items you should eat sparingly!  Once you finish, they give you more!  After being out in the sun and heat all day, any sort of food is already too much food.  So after the meal, I always leave just wanting to get it out of your body!  You feel obligated to eat as they get offended if you don’t finish or eat a lot.  Somehow, still feeling like you might explode from everything that comes with all that food, you still ALWAYS want a sonic shake at 9 o clock.  Look up my address on Google Maps.  If you turn left, you turn into our parking lot.  If you turn right, you turn into Sonic= fat.  Blah. 

For example, one day this week we ate lunch with the Breceda family at noon.  Then, we randomly went to serve a member.  So from 1:30-2:00, we are outside mowing and weekwacking the lawn. Yeah, dumb.  I know.  (It was hot and we were sweating.)  So, the member comes up to Hermana Walker and asked her a question.  When I asked Hermana Walker what the member said, she responded with "I don’t know what she said... I just said yes".  As we walked in after finishing the yard we found out what the member had asked her.  She had prepared hamburgers for us, A WHOLE OTHER MEAL.  So, we ate…again!  At 5:00 that same evening, we had a dinner appointment with a member we just confirmed.  The long story short... we couldn’t cancel it.  So, we ate another meal.  Again!  Looking back I have no idea how I did it.  It disgusts me.  I am honestly surprised I kept it down.  My stomach has not been the same since.  Anyway.... onto "lighter things".

 Sad news: the Breceda family is wanting "more time".  Good News:  that family is amazing!  This last week we taught them all of the commandments in one night... THAT’S A LOT.  The mom cried because she loves the Law of Chastity! Who does that! The spirit is so strong with that family because the mom is really getting it.  When we left on Tuesday, we left with boxes of coffee, tea, and tequila!  I haven’t seen anyone change like them before.  

I had the opportunity to get a blessing this week from my zone leaders.  I am so grateful for the priesthood.  I am so grateful to see the priesthood work here on a mission. What a blessing and opportunity men have been given to bless the lives of others.  I love it!

Well, I’m going to get my hair cut today!  Wohoo!!  Hopefully we can buy fabric to get some skirts made.  I have like no clothes anymore...oops.  It’s just too hot for like... any of them.

Be at the meeting on Sunday! We got even more news this morning that the announcements are going to be huge! It’s going to be one of those things that people talk about and if you were at home taking a nap or out home teaching you will regret not being there! 

Hermana Pickett

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