Monday, June 24, 2013

It Is Because God Loves Them!

Yesterday was crazy!!! President Taylor has still asked us to not talk about the specifics of our mission for another week.  Next week you will hear more.  Speaking of which next week is transfers!  So, I won’t write until Tuesday.  We were all so excited for the broadcast yesterday.  I knew so many people that were in the video!  That would include the stake president in Chicago!   He is the one that set me apart.  What is his name?  (President Scott)  Yeah it was good.  I was expecting the apostles to call all to repentance more but I guess love is good too.  Wasn’t the massive sea of missionaries crazy?  It’s almost like He is coming, and this is His army!  And the world has got to get ready!

This week working with the ward has been really frustrating.  Sadly, it didn’t change just because there was a broadcast.  The excuses are still the same.  It’s frustrating.  I won’t complain anymore.... I just want to teach people!  Finding the people to teach is just hard right now.  It’s like people understand "every member a missionary" but what they think it means is, "Yeah, I bear my testimony by the way I live." That is true.  "All my friends are members”, however, will not work!  When Jesus Christ comes, I don’t think you will want to use that as your excuse.  It means MAKE friends that aren’t members.  Not because you use them to share the gospel but because God loves them! And they need to know what you know so they can go home!  It’s not about you anymore.  It’s about every single one of God's children who must have the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel.

We had a really good experience this week and a really bad one.  I will tell the bad first.  We went by the Breceda's one last time.  I will say that it was one of the most powerful experiences on my mission.  It’s like I couldn’t keep my mouth closed but I was surprised by what came out.  The mom denied ever feeling anything.  They aren’t getting baptized.  I feel awful about Eugenia.  She wanted to be baptized so badly.  Their change from our last visit was just sad.  The girls couldn’t even come out to greet us.  Agency, it is great.  I love mine.  Not so much everyone else’s.

The good experience from last week was our visit to the Karen’s house.  Karen is a recent convert.  Her mother had set a baptismal date but had not followed through with it.   At the end of last week, we were really bold and asked Karen’s mother to get baptized.  She said, "I just decided.   I want to be baptized."   We said, "Okay, when?"   She picked her date.  We wanted the younger daughter Alejandra, age 11, to be baptized too.  But she needed to be taught about the restoration.  We left the pamphlet and made an appointment for the following Tuesday.  When we returned, we taught the restoration.  We asked Alejandra to pray about it.  She didn’t want to pray in front of us.  Instead, she really wanted to show us her new dress.  So, Alejandra went upstairs really fast to get it.  We were all excited about the dress but returned to asking her to pray for an answer.  She said "I already did."  We were all shocked. She had prayed when she went upstairs! So we said, "What did He say?"   She told us she felt really good and she wanted to be baptized with her mom.  It was awesome! Her prayer after that was one of the most powerful prayers I have heard on my mission.  She thanked God for us because we explained what she was learning in a way she could understand.  She was grateful for her answer.  She said, "It really helped me."  What an example to all of us.  She said a really fast prayer and got an answer because she read the pamphlet and just wanted to know! We live in a world where people want the answers easy! God never just gives us answers we must want it and seek it! Otherwise he is going against our spiritual agency! That doesn’t work!
This last week we did a lot of cleaning.  We showed up at two dinner appointments early to clean their house.  We dressed in the matching t-shirts we made, bandanas, sunglasses, fireman hats, and cleaning supplies.  People actually let us clean!  When you look like that, they actually think we are serious about serving them.  I love cleaning.  It’s one of the only things you can do on a mission that is therapeutic and allowed.  Today we have a zone activity with water balloons volleyball and a piñata!!! It’s going to be fun.  The zone leaders asked the Hermanas to plan it.  So... we had some fun.  Also, we started playing soccer in the mornings which has been really nice.  I want to buy a soccer ball badly.  I am just not sure where it would go.  And we are back to the expensive.  Whatever, it would probably be worth it.

Anyway... those were the cool experiences for this week.  Next week is transfers, missionary leadership council and the fourth of July!  It’s going to be a packed week.

Love you all and it’s great to hear about all of your missionary efforts.  Please give my grandparents a hug for me.  It was good to hear about them.

Hermana Pickett

P.S. We decided half price shakes after eight would be better if we made our own shake any time.

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