Saturday, June 1, 2013

Go to the June 23rd Meeting!!!

I am now in the most southern area of our mission.  On July 1st, my mission will lose two zones.  That is like one half of the Hermanas and a lot of the Spanish work.  It’s sad to see missionaries go. There are more changes.... GO TO THE MEETING ON JUNE 23RD!!!!!!!!!!!!   This meeting is held every year as part of the New Mission President Seminar at the MTC.  This year it is open to the public for the first time in church history.  I know a little bit of what will be announced because a little bit was leaked us in a leadership training meeting last Friday.   You are going to want to be there!!!!! Other than that, I won’t spill out what is going on in missionary work and all of the exciting changes. I’ll let the big guys do that.  Normally they have one apostle at this meeting but there will be five.  It is being broadcasted everywhere and in 50 languages.  They have directed stake presidents to change meeting schedules so everyone can go.  This is bigger than conference!  Get there and get everyone you know there! It’s going to be good.  We NEED everyone there.  Missionary work is GETTING CRAZY! It will not be the same by the time I return.  So… be prepared for that meeting to change it all!

Our leadership meeting last week was really cool.  First off, our mission is participating in trial runs of the missionary changes.  We had big important missionary visitors who brought to us the sense of urgency from the Prophet... kind of important.   We talked and practiced teaching from the new pamphlets! It was so good! So simple!  We also talked about how important it is to invite to ordinances:  baptism, the sacrament.  We are not inviting people to socialize at church.  We are inviting them to participate in the ordinances that happen at church.  My companions and I were talking about this and then we thought:  how different would the church and missionary work be if we were as pumped to take the sacrament each week as we were to get baptized?  Or, what if we prepared each week for the sacrament like we did to be baptized?  WE WOULD ALL BE ACTIVE! Why?  It would be because we are consistently repenting and applying the doctrine of Christ.  We would feel and be closer to Christ and the Spirit.  Baptism and the sacrament are so crucial because without them, we cannot access the power of the atonement.  So.... let’s baptize everyone!  Oh wait, that was already the goal.  My challenge for this week:  prepare for the sacrament like you would to be baptized.
The funny moment of the week is...yesterday, an AP called us.  When he hung up he said, "Love ya....."  We could hear his companion in the background crack up.  We were laughing also.  It was super awkward when he hung up.  The best part came when he called back 5 seconds later to apologize!  It was funny.  Missions are funny. 

Other than that, I’m still eating way too much food and yep, still gaining weight.  We had "salad" yesterday at dinner by our request.  It was made from iceberg lettuce and broccoli with ranch dressing.  I wasn’t surprised.  I love this culture but I am excited for the day I get to eat a salad and see green on my plate that isn’t salsa!

All is good in the hood.  Love you all.  Have a great week.

Hermana Pickett

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