Monday, July 29, 2013

CRAZY!!!!!!! (7)

Happy Pioneer Day last week! On Pioneer Day we biked.  I got a flat.  We still had to make to the church on time so Hermana Baumgartner ran next to me pushing my bike as I rode her bike.  I have no idea how she did it but we made it to the church! When our meeting was over, we had to get a ride home because it would have taken us at least one and a half to 2 hours to walk the bikes.  I love biking! I look like a mess after a biking day but it’s so fun.  Anyway, it was a crazy (1) day.  Also, my bag broke this week and my backpack is ripping, it means more money to spend!

Another crazy (2) day this last week was Friday.  I got piano music that morning to accompany Karen to sing "We Believe" at a YSA baptism that night.  Karen is a recent convert whose mom and sister just got baptized.  It was a great idea because she could meet the YSA people so she could date good people!  Long story short, we left the church after district meeting at about 4p.m.  We left early so I could have time to review the piano part.  Then, I had to deal with the tacos we got for Elder Arave's birthday.  Basically, it was a crazy (3) afternoon with last minute changes to plans all night. We showed up late to a 4:45 dinner because we had to burn a cd with an EFY song on it.  We needed the CD to give to the zone leaders that we would see on exchanges the next day.   After being late to our dinner appointment, we tried to be polite by saying an extra 30 minutes.  That took away from the hoped for practice time for the song.  After arriving at the baptism, we quickly went to another room to run through the piece two times.  Then we went into the baptism.  Karen and I performed the song.  The moment it was over I put my head down in my arms on the piano and breathed.  I was so grateful I could get through that song. It was a miracle.  We had so many different stressors that day.  We had the zone leaders calling us about exchanges, other set of zone leaders calling about a musical number for MLS this week, Sergio not showing up to the baptism.  After the baptism, we scrambled to go see Sergio but just missed him.  We then hurried home for exchanges that night. 

Sergio is awesome.  When we taught him the law of chastity he was so excited to marry his girlfriend.  His biggest obstacle is that he literally has 8 cents in his bank account.  He doesn’t even eat lunch anymore.  He sends all his money home for his family and girlfriend.  He found out on Friday that his girlfriend lost their baby.  She was 3 months along.  He was so torn up about it.  Sunday at church he was struggling so we went into a different classroom and taught him the Plan of Salvation.  I remember just feeling the need to say "This means that this life isn’t the end, Sergio!"  So, I did.  At that moment, he just changed.  He felt the Spirit.  I could see it.  He looked like he was about to cry but he kept it in.  After church, I asked him if he believed the Plan of Salvation could be true.   He said he did.  I asked how.  He said, "I just feel like it is".   The Plan of Salvation is familiar to us! Why?  Because we all knew of it before!  We just need to be reminded.  It’s so true.  It’s the only plan that brings hope to everyone no matter where you are in life.  I feel like God would think that “hope” is  really important for us. 

Something has got to change about our crazy (4) “Sister Trainers” schedule!  Most nights we barely brush our teeth as we run to bed.  Thank goodness Hermana Walker is always willing to update the area book while we are always dealing with other stuff on the phone.  It’s been crazy (5).  And, I really want to nap.  But... we have a zone activity today so I doubt that will happen. 

This next week we have meetings all day tomorrow and Wednesday.  Thursday morning we are going to go to the temple to do a session!! Wohoo!!  Friday we are going with Adelina and other recent converts to do baptisms for the dead.  Saturday is exchanges again!  Basically this week is crazy! (6)  We got a young woman to be Hermana Walker's companion for a whole day so we will have one day this week when we will have missionary power in our area!

I don’t have pictures this week.  I left my camera at the apartment this morning.  It was crazy (7).  I hope everyone is well, and go August!

Hermana Pickett

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