Monday, July 8, 2013

That was Awesome!

Yesterday was Alejandra and Adelina's baptism! The first baptisms I have been involved in as a missionary! Wohoo!! It was a really good experience.  President and Sister Taylor came because Sister Taylor came with us to teach them once.  The ward was shocked and really excited that the Taylors were there.  Dad, do you want to feel like a celebrity?  If so, be a mission president and go to baptisms.  We showed a clip of "Finding Faith in Christ" and sang "Where can I turn for Peace" a cappella.  It was gorgeous.  We then had everyone write their testimony of sheets of paper that we will give to Ale and Adelina tonight.  We invited everyone who had made the baptismal covenant to take of the sacrament next week and anyone who hadn’t to get baptized. After the baptismal service, 2 investigators went up to their missionaries and asked for an interview.  That was awesome.

Transfers this week were really fun because…we have 70 new missionaries to the Phoenix Mission.  We lost 35 missionaries to Tempe mission so that leaves us with 210 missionaries.  One third our current missionaries have been in our mission for 6 weeks or less.  Adding the 70 new missionaries with the missionaries who have been here for 6 months or less, it is a whopping 120 missionaries!  Eighty-one percent of our missionaries have been out for less than a year.  That’s crazy.  President Taylor told me that the number of Spanish missionaries, currently at 34, will be at 67 by the end of September.  We lost half of our Spanish work to the Tempe Mission so President has no idea where to put the new Spanish missionaries.  Can you imagine 67 Spanish missionaries in 5 wards and I think 4 branches?   I don’t know when we will bike because we start exchanges again this week! We will find a way.  I like biking even though it really drains you.  I have not yet taken a nap on my mission.  Oh wait, I did once when I was really sick.  Oh man, I want one today.

I had an old guy tell me that Mormons aren’t good because they have lots of wives and that I need to go home and study Spanish more so I can actually talk to people.

I will end by saying I just love the Book of Mormon.  Moroni, he is the boss! He is soooo funny!  But reading the war chapters in Spanish makes them really hard to follow!  I was amazed by how many Nephite haters there were.  I just want to shake them and say, "You ARE one!"  So many people fell away.  It’s the same today... so many people have fallen away.  Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching are so important.  We are trying to work with our ward right now to strengthen Visiting Teaching.  The Relief Society President does not need Visiting Teachers like the lady that no one knows if she still lives in that one apartment.  That unknown lady is the one that needs the rescuing.  Inviting others to come back to Christ by helping them return to the restored gospel is part of the covenant made at baptism!  So... KEEP IT. :)  A year from now, I will go back to my Chicago ward for my homecoming talk and the ward members will think, "Ooo, she’s that one missionary that told me to do my Visiting Teaching".  Alright, love you!

Hermana Pickett

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