Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Is Flying By!

And thank goodness because it’s hot!   Also... we got another companion.  Hermana Woo!  She and Hermana Walker switched areas.  I get to see Hermana Walker tonight because I am leaving for exchanges.  I’m happy I get to see her.  I am very anxious to see how she is doing.

On Friday, we had an absolutely insane day.  It started when we left to get a bike for Hermana Woo.  We thought we had a nail in our tire.  At the same time we were getting our car to the shop, planning exchanges, and... I don’t even know what else.  We were trying to plan a wedding in a 24 hour period with no contact from the groom or bride.  We went through every means we knew to get things done.  We really got creative.  We called everyone in the whole ward to find a ride for Sergio to get the marriage license.  We finally found someone in a different ward.  Unfortunately by then, the office of marriage licenses was closed.  Fortunately, it will happen this weekend!  We are now teaching Evelyn Sergio's girlfriend.  We are so happy for them!

We have another investigator that KNOWS he will be baptized but just won’t do it because he’s scared of not keeping his covenants.  He knows a couple of members who are inactive and is insecure about it.  He is so close.  He just needs to recognize his answer. 

It’s been amazing this week to just really love the ward.  I’ve been here so much longer that I ever dreamed I would be and I love it!  It always takes time for the ward to warm-up to new missionaries.  Once they trust you, it is so good!  Yesterday, however, lots of different members got mad at Hermana Baumgartner and me.  That’s never a really fun day when that happens.  It’s okay.  I have been studying a lot about revelation, the creation, and our agency in it all.  It has been really insightful and liberating to just remember.    It’s all a choice.  Everyone must make their own choices.  The best way for you to live your life happily is to ACCEPT it and move on.  Theme of the month! Get over it!  We have been using this in our companionship.  It is difficult with so many exchanges.  Speaking of exchanges, this transfer we will have 9 exchanges.  That is only 1 less than the APs!  It’s going to get crazy.

I got mail today! I bought something off of lds.org so I got a package!  It was really exciting!

So Breanna, President and Sister Taylors daughter who I worked with at the Provo pool, bought me shoes. She brought them to transfers and gave them to me! It was so nice of her.  She said when she saw them she thought of me!  This explains why Sister Taylor randomly texted me asking what shoe size I was a couple of weeks ago.

Well, so many other things have happened this week but we have a zone activity soon and I still haven’t eaten yet today.   I’m going to go.

Hermana Pickett

P.S.  One day our water was turned off.  We filled the bathtub so that we would have water to flush.  But look! I caught the wave!

The other picture is of our vacuum bag.  We got the vacuum from the shed.  It had never been changed.  We didn’t have another one so we tried dissecting everything from inside so it could be reused.  It was heavier than an average baby!

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