Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello All!!!

So, before things get around, we had a meeting yesterday and our mission has been chosen to start online proselyting!  I will fill in more details on Monday when it’s my p-day but just so you know, I will be on Facebook every day!!!  I will also be using my email and very soon Skype or Google Hang Out as well as blogs.  I will continue to only communicating with family and friends about normal life on p-days.  So, if we happen to be on Facebook, please talk to me about missionary work.

What is cool is that on the internet, my mission boundaries are gone!  We are now expected to teach in Europe, Africa and the East Coast.  This is because of the time difference and when people are online.  So, if you have any friends that are less active or not members, lets teach them together on Skype!   I can now have any of you be the member present in my lessons with investigators here.  My companions and I are now YOUR missionaries to get the people you and I love to hear the gospel.  Pretty cool huh!
Hermana Pickett

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