Monday, August 5, 2013

Online Proselyting and Facebook!

First things first!  I have been asked to give this to you from my mission president.  It explain the reasons for and rules about the online access and proselyting.


So, Lee Donaldson skyped with our mission leadership council on Wednesday.  Lee Donaldson is Manager of Proselyting Services in the General Missionary Department.  He authorized us to use online sites to proselyte.  Yeah.  So.... now we are online! Our mission was selected by the Quorum of the Twelve to do this.  Elder Perry, one of three current members of the Quorum of the Twelve that were present when the Official Declaration extending priesthood and temple blessings to all worthy male members of the church, said that this change is equal to that in significance and similar to the First Vision  and publishing of the Book of Mormon.  So, to say the least, when Brother Donaldson said, "You can’t mess this up!" He didn’t mean it’s just too easy that we can’t mess it up.  He meant that our trial mission CANNOT mess this up.  It makes you think.  The gospel will be entering all nations a little bit differently. 

So what does this mean?  It means that I will be teaching with my companions whoever needs us.  If you have friends or less active members that need missionaries, talk to me.  We can all teach them.  It might be easier this way to introduce the missionaries.  I don’t know.  It is your call.  You can Facebook message me or email me about that whenever.  The rest of the time our electronic communication needs to keep to p-days.  Also, if I am teaching anyone here or online, I can use any of you for a member present! Personally I will not be going out of my way to find people who need you because that’s not my purpose.  But, it is an option.  So look for people!  And, if I am a better option, my job is to teach them and get them to the local missionaries.  Boundaries are gone.  If you have any more questions, ask.

I have spent every single second of my hour everyday just cleaning up my Facebook.  Because we are missionaries I have to hide EVERYTHING from before my mission.  It has taken hours.  It’s also really sad :( and has given me some really bad dreams :(.  But you can help out by liking or sharing things I post.  Tell people to visit my Facebook page or add me as a friend.  Use my page, me and my companions as your tools! Right now we only get an hour a day during our low time from 1-4 pm.  When we get iPads, it can be more of a whenever thing.  Keep me updated on what we can do to help you!

These new tools are a lot of responsibility.  It’s dangerous but exciting.  We have an Elder that has a lesson with his dad this week, over Skype.  His dad is not a member and his brother was just sealed in the temple after being less active for a while.  So, this is powerful.  It gives us a chance to go where we could not go before.

The temple was awesome! The new movie... wow... you almost need popcorn!

Also on exchanges I was sitting in their room (they live with members) and a hamster comes in.  It had escaped during the night.  So, I spent a good time of my morning chasing a hamster trying to corner it then finding it somewhere else.  It was an adventure.

That is honestly all I can think to update.  I am still learning a lot, still hot, still tired, still gaining weight.  Oh! Next week is transfers so please do not freak out when I don’t write until Tuesday. 

Hermana Pickett

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