Monday, August 26, 2013

Thanks for Your Service!

Sergio and Evelyn are married!!!! Sergio is baptized!!! Evelyn will be baptized on Sunday!! Basically our week was nuts.  Literally, it was nuts.  Our miles on the care are shot.  So, we get to bike until September!   It was totally worth it.  They tried 4 times to get a marriage license.  I couldn’t even tell you everything that happened.   Finally on Friday and thanks to members, they got it.  The member who helped are keeping their covenants and serving out of love for someone they have never met.  I am seriously amazed at what two specific members did to make sure Sergio and Evelyn got their license.  The member’s service was anonymous.  They got nothing in return for it.  It really humbled me.  I am so filled with gratitude for those who quietly do what needs to be done because... it needs to happen.  THERE ARE SOULS TO BE SAVED!  And in this case, we got to party a little bit more.  For now, Sergio and Evelyn’s marriage has an expiration date.  I love them.  I cannot wait for them to embrace the Gospel and be able to become an eternal family.  I’m really happy for them.

We were running around everywhere Saturday trying to get this thing together.  We decided we want to start our own business, 24 Hour Wedding Plans!  We would be professionals in no time.   Did I mention we all matched for the wedding?  Yeah... it was sweet.

Sergio’s baptism on Sunday was great.  We watched part of The Testaments for our presentation.  Everyone was crying.  Evelyn has not been taught anything except for commandments yet she really wanted to be baptized… yesterday! Why?  Because she felt the difference. She sees it in her HUSBAND! Wohoo!

Also, Aaron, a recent convert from 3 weeks ago, dresses EXACTLY like Dad.  It really tripped me out during Gospel Principles yesterday.  His shoes, socks,  and everything else are just like Dad’s.  So, I took a picture!  Enjoy Dad!

All in all, I learned this this week that some ward members are really frustrated with us and some are our miracle workers.  It is really hard to please everyone so we really just try our hardest.  We believe the same of the members.  We love their families and realize they come first.

Oh! I watched a bird die today.  We tried calling animal control but it was too late.  It was so sad.  I have never watched death like that before except when mom said I had to drown my crippled hamster.  Actually, Dad ended up doing it as I watched through my tears.  Yeah... it was sad.

Hermana Pickett

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