Sunday, September 8, 2013

Feeling Love for Others

Can you believe it’s September?  It’s crazy!  It’s also Labor Day.  I was not going to email until tomorrow and then realized that I have meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday.  So, you get a email from me today but it will be short.   Speaking of Labor Day, is there anyone that I should know of that is pregnant or had a baby recently?  I recently saw the other day that Amber had her little girl.  Should I know of anyone else?  It’s been eight months which is enough time to have had the baby!  Updates would be much appreciated.

As for an update on last week, our zone conference was good.  We talked a lot about faith, principles and obedience of principles.   I had a huge “aha” moment from that.  I have always understood the importance of obedience.  What clicked inside my brain was that by failing to live the principle perfectly, we can repent and then follow the principle a little bit better.  It feels so liberating to live life that way!   I encourage you to think back on their lives and figure out how you can live a principle better.  Then repent and do it better.:)

Exchanges keep coming and going.  They are good.  It’s a blessing to watch God teach me through the contacts I meet even when the chances of me meeting them again are so slim.  Also, it is empowering to help the Sisters increase in hope and develop the faith that they desperately need.

On Fast Sundays, all I want is a cheese pizza!  Thank you Hermana Baumgartner!!!  She put cheese pizza into my head.  Thank you all for liking and commenting on my Facebook!

We had a really cool experience yesterday.  On Sundays, we have a meeting with all of the priesthood leaders in the morning.  In that meeting, we go over our investigators and their progress report.  After church, we coordinate with the other auxiliary leaders.   Yesterday, we decided to put all of the auxiliary presidents and their families on progress report.  Then we left the help needed blank.  The point was to share with the ward that we are concerned about them individually.   It didn’t start off as great as we had hoped but it turned around.  It was a spiritual experience to listen as they came around and opened up to our idea.  We felt like we were finally on the same page.  I LOVE the people in this ward.  And my love grew 100 times larger as I listened to them confide in the missionaries and accepted our help.  To watch them turn outward to their wives and children who are struggling, loving them and trusting us enough to let us help.  It was beautiful.  I started crying.  My tears increased when the bishop asked me to share what I was feeling.  I am so grateful for the opportunity that God has given me to serve and feel love for others.

Alright, I really am hungry.  I’m going to go.   Bye!

Hermana Pickett

September Mission Leadership Council 2013

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