Monday, September 9, 2013

When Rain Feels So Good

You know you are in Arizona long enough when its 88 degrees and you are wearing a cardigan.  That is not an exaggeration.  But... it poured today!!! There could not have been a better p-day present!!!!  I’m soaked.  Completely!  It feels so good.  I’m planning on going back to my apartment, putting on my striped pajama pants and Mormon “Helping Hands” shirt. (My favorite t-shirt) and reading Jesus the Christ by Talmage.  That book is sooooo good! It makes Jesus Christ seem so much more real.  I love how it gets me to rethink everything I know in an even better light.  I have this great idea of reading a little bit of it every night before bed.  Unfortunately, I don’t normally get around to writing in my journal.  That means it doesn’t really happen. Oh well….p-day!  Okay here are some individual things.  It takes less time this way, sorry: (and you don’t have to include this in the post)

Our ward went on a camp-out this weekend.  What are missionaries supposed to do when everyone in the ward is gone?   Those members who are less inclined to participate feed us.  At one dinner, I unknowingly broke the Word of Wisdom.  Is ignorance bliss?  Not so much.  I was not feeling to good biking after that and was about an inch away from getting hit by a car.  No worries, it was a lot worse for the dog we hit the day before.

Sergio and Evelyn arrived late to church yesterday.  Apparently this is a no no if you want to get confirmed.  It has been 3 weeks since Sergio’s baptism without him receiving the Holy Ghost.  Still, Evelyn was baptized yesterday.  Sergio spoke at her baptism about the Holy Ghost.  They are my favorite! Their apartment "ora" has completely changed.  Her mom and His dad are also now looking for missionaries.  Basically I LOVE THEM!!!  It has been such a blessing to see and feel the change.  We are already planning on hunting them down in a year to go to the temple when they receive their endowments and are sealed! I think I might die of happiness the day that happens.

My mission president made a comment about repentance being in vain if we fail to acknowledge the atonement.  His statement got me thinking. If we do not understand that we can repent because of Jesus Christ, we are missing out on the whole point of the plan.  Being happy to return and live with God is the plan.  We do it by being exactly obedient.  Being exactly obedient requires keeping the commandments and repenting when we will make mistakes.  Repentance acknowledging the atonement is the only way.  Recognizing this is not new information but it did shine brightly for me today.

Hermana Pickett

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