Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Week of Miracles!

Apparently the government is shut down?!  I honestly don’t even know.  It is amazing to be a native and currently living in your own country and have no idea that the government shuts down.   I live in a bubble…but a very good bubble.

So…NONE of our investigators or contacts came to general conference.  That was a really big bummer. Especially as you are sitting there listening to a talks that are the answer to so many of the issues our investigators are struggling with.   Earlier in the we had PROMISED them that they would find their answer at general conference.  Man, agency is so precious! I am so grateful it is protected in the gospel.  I really wanted them to find the answers they have been looking for and they didn’t :(

General Conference, I love general conference.  It was really hard to not have the people come who needed to hear some of those talks.  But! I encourage you to really pray about "the one" that you can help to invite to the gospel by Christmas.  And the best part is you can use me! I’m a missionary.  So if you need that to be your way, do it.  I am also praying about who I can help (besides everyone here).

It was truly a week of miracles! I think this past week I have found more people to go back and teach than I have ever before.  We had absolutely no time before the hours of six to proselyte most days of this last week.  Saturday and Sunday we had time from 4-5, but other than that none.  It seemed as if everywhere we went we found those who really want to know.  It was amazing! Person after person, every single interaction we had was so natural even with a new companion.  It was fun, real and amazing!  I’m not sure why we were blessed with such a great week but hey!  Keep the bonus blessings coming! Timing, situations, people, members, everything was just miracle filled. I am so grateful to have experienced this week. 

This week we had an extra meeting for leadership to become familiar with a booklet the church has just given out to missionaries after they enter the mission field.  Its title is "adjusting to missionary life".  Basically this book is... the best!  I wish I had it when I first came on my mission, but really it applies to EVERYONE here.  It is so needed for missionaries.  It goes over almost everything I can think of with emotional/mental health.

On the highlight: I bought a superman onezie today, WITH a HOOD. Yeah, SO excited!  Don’t worry, pictures will come.  I had to buy a bike pump anyway, so... wohoo!

I will wrap up with a funny story.  Yesterday we had to stop to fill up our car tires.  They apparently were all REALLY LOW.  So here we are at a gas station, two young women in skirts trying to figure this whole thing out.  This guy, who also had to fill up his tire, helped us!  So I am talking to him and he just straight up asked me where he could go to hear the prophet speak.  So, I get a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet out to give him and I am writing websites and marking scriptures for him while holding down the tube so he can continue filling up all the tires.  Hermana Dayton is also talking to him.  When he asks her name, she says "Hermana Dayton.  Hermana is Spanish for sister, blah blah blah." He interrupts her and asks, "Wait, what did you say?" She said "Siste  He ask again, "No, before that?"  Basically, he thought she had said something like "I want to date you".  So, they clarified and then laughed about it.  I was in my own world marking scriptures.  I gave him the marked book and then we drove away.  That is when Hermana Dayton said, "I think I just had one of the most uncomfortable situations on my mission."  It was so funny!

Hermana Pickett

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