Monday, October 21, 2013

Prayer and Sunshine

I can’t say it’s cold because the temperature is in the 80s. I don’t think 80s count as cold but it feels really cold.

This last week, a couple of things stood out.  First, we keep finding young men to teach!  It’s weird.  Everyone we talk to is a young man.  Second, we have started this new thing as a companionship.  We are eating healthy and waking up earlier every other day to exercise longer.  It’s been really good.  My shin splints are killing me and I feel like I am always hungry.  I’m hoping my body will get used to it.  It feels good to not always feel... so ... fat.  Proof is in the picture!

Thirdly, we had interviews with our mission president.  It was weird to think that I and Hermana Dayton only have 2 interviews left while on our missions. Mine was literally 4 minutes if that including both prayers.  Three months of anticipation for, "Good... Good... Yeah its good."  We all wore pink to our interviews because an Elder's mom was having breast cancer surgery that day.

Fourth, I have never been asked to speak in church.  I was this week while on exchanges!  Nine months on my mission and then I get to speak in church…in English.  It rang very familiar with my farewell talk.   "So... none of you know me and I’m actually leaving (insert time here), but I want to talk about (insert topic here)."  It was good though.  Nine months without speaking and I go on exchanges and they get me.  It was crazy how I read through my topic and flipped through my New Testament to find some scriptures I love while in a ward council meeting.  All of this happened right before sacrament meeting.  As I stood, I tried to connect them.  It was fun and also crazy how easy it came. I guess when that is all you do 24/7, relating scriptures and gospel topics, it can become a.. hobbie?

We are currently teaching Diana who has been "expelled" from being a Jehovah Witness.  We are also helping a less active whose husband is a Jehovah Witness too.  We talk about that religion a lot right now.  I’m finding I didn’t know as much about it as I wish I did.  They should create a hand out for missionaries that can prepare you to teach others whose religious backgrounds we are unfamiliar with. Anyway, it was a cool experience to be there with her as she prayed for the first time out loud in 15 years.  She isn’t that much older than I am but has done a lot of different things in her life.  
I know it doesn’t matter what we have done, God still loves us.  We can ALWAYS pray to Him and He ALWAYS listens.  I am so grateful for prayer.    Why would it be any different now?  Our sacrifices are not lambs as before.  Thank goodness. 

Well, other than I love biking in AZ when it is not 120 degree, I think that is about it.  Love ya’ll

Hermana Pickett

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