Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Really, Really Fast

Okay, I do not have any time to do this email so it is going to be really, really fast.  We had a zone activity.  We cleaned a lot!  Now, the computers are really busy.  So, happy p-day!  P-days are the most stressful of any day.

I have news; Hermana Dayton is my new companion!!! Wohoo!!!! It’s been awesome!  This transfer is going to fly by.  I watched the relief society broadcast.  It was the best.  We had ice cream after.  It got our Fast Sunday started on a good foot.  Our key indicators for last week were really, really low.  We have spent a lot of time with less actives and inviting EVERYONE to General Conference.  This week is full of meetings.  That means we will not have a lot of time to proselyte.  It is okay because it’s my favorite week ever… general conference! Seriously, think of Moses?  It is like him talking to you.  Cool!

This week Marco Polo, a young man in our area, got his mission call!! Wohoo!! It was really cool to have him read to us his call letter and to listen to the blessings promised in it.  To confess, I don’t think I have read my letter on my mission.  It is really cool to see how those blessings ARE happening.  I am receiving them in different ways than I thought I would.  So, that is my invitation for this week:  ask God to show you how you are receiving the blessings you have been promised.  I had not seen them until the Spirit taught me as this young man read his call letter.

So... many of you have asked how online proselyting is.  It’s great.  It’s also crazy.  It sure is stressful!  Let me tell you about the new type of stress involved with, "I just got a member in on this lesson and my computer session times out in 3 minutes".  This is real pressure.  This can happen with spur of the moment "member present lessons" on Facebook.  At 0.0, the computer locks and you are out.  So at 8.32, your investigator gets online.  You start asking them what they think of Joseph Smith.  At 6.14 you have a member online as well and ask them to join.  They say "Hermanas, I’m in class." We say, "It’s okay! So is she!" We add her in with about 4.07 left.  As the time ticks down you type out as fast as you can your testimony of Joseph Smith, the commitment, and then as you go to have your companion check what you want to say (a rule of Facebook) the time is .01.   You press enter and say, “I promise it was about Joseph Smith!"  It’s like a time warp that will immediately suck you out of the lesson as the time gets to 0.0 seconds left.  It is sooo intense.  Currently Herman Dayton and I are starting to work with our friends from BYU.  The objective is to find something that they can use with their singles wards to get better online testifying.  It’s really weird to talk to friends at BYU. 

I hope everyone loves conference weekend.  We have special breakfasts planned for Saturday and Sunday in our apartment.  Also, Hermana Dayton and I will hit our half way marks together... cool huh?  I met her in the MTC and we will go home together.  We will be spending our last night in the mission home together, have been companions twice, and spent our half way day together as well.  Fun! She’s the best.  I love her.  Love you too!

Hermana Pickett

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