Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hastening Device

Well familia, I hope all is well.  Can you believe it’s almost November?  This week’s about: "Hastening the Work".  It is something almost everyone has mentioned in their letters to me.  So, I thought I would tell you what it is like from the mission field today.

First, I now have what Brother Donaldson calls the “Hastening Device" or rather and iPad  yeah.  I LOVE IT.  It is crazy how much the gospel library helps.  I think I might need an iPad when I get home to adjust to life just for studying my scriptures.  We are currently transferring our paper reporting system to digital and then sync that with our area book.  This takes time as we can only use the church’s Wi-Fi.  Until this is done, we are stuck with reporting zeros.  It is really really cool though.  It has completely revamped the work so its tons more effective.

Secondly, I think I need to clarify my possible role in helping you with all of your individual efforts.  If you have someone you would like to introduce to the missionaries, less active, non-member, whomever... I can help.  Obviously, if it is best for your person to go with your missionaries, do that.    But, in cases where it would be less uncomfortable for them to meet your daughter/sister/friend than two random missionaries, I can help.  I have Skype.  I have face time.  I have Facebook.  I also have a different proselyting email I can check regularly that you can use to communicate with me about these individuals and setting up lessons.  It is 7592709@mormon.org.  This email is area specific so when I am transferred, it will change.  Please only use it to set up or communicate with me about discussion over the internet.  All personal email, even notes of encouragement should be sent to my regular missionary email.  Please remember that my companion and I are ready to help.  Just let us know what we can do.  Brother Donaldson tells us that we are to preach to literally the whole earth.  That is our mission call online.

Thirdly, we are trying to get the members to use the ward buildings for EVERYTHING.  If they have neighborhood get-togethers, moms and tots, friend cooking classes, exercise classes, English classes, etc., do them in the church building.  We are trying to make our church buildings “mini welcoming centers” with missionaries ready to give tours and answer questions.  While we are at the church, we can use the internet at the same time for our iPads, etc.!  So, that’s what the missionaries are working with.  Hopefully, it helps.

This last week has been full of miracles.  Besides all the surprises with the iPad planners which everyone gets by the end of the week, we go to the temple on Saturday.  Actually, our ride just fell through.  Hopefully we get someone else to take us.  We really want to go.

Thursday night we were biking home.  It was 9.  I warned Hermana Dayton to pull her skirt out of the brake because it was in-between the break and the tire.  She stops to do so.  I go around her and pull off to the side of the road.  This was at 80th and Van Buren.  We were by a field without any light.  We live on 96th and Van Buren.  As I start up again after her I hear a really bad noise and my pedals lock.  I pull over and there is wire all up and in my gears, my chain, and my tire. So, we start walking home, two bikes, no sidewalk, no lights, in Tolleson where missionaries are not supposed to be after dark, with people in cars yelling at us to get off of the road.  I thought to myself, “If my parents knew what I was doing right now, what would they do?”   It was fun to think about, because they wouldn’t know till after.   We did make it home, in one piece.  It was late.  Then, I spent all of my free time fixing my bike! I definitely did not know as much about how to fix a bike before my mission as I do now.  Trial and error works.

Having access to the internet, it’s been really hard to watch people I love choose to let go in little ways of the iron rod, to not grasp it tightly.  I am feeling the consequences.  It breaks my heart to watch them turn away from what they know they need. 

The last thing I would like to share with everyone is the energy and Spirit that I could felt as Brother Donaldson spoke to the missionaries when we started with our iPads.  As he quotes the apostles, the things they tell him to tell us, and the new things coming, there is a feeling that I know would change the way everyone looks at missionary work if they could feel it.  Imagine it; every single iPad given to every single missionary has the same password, dc8873.   Can you figure out what it means? (Don’t think to hard... it’s not that complex)

“Behold, I will hasten my work in its time.”  D&C 88:73

I love you all and I hope you have a great Halloween!

Hermana Pickett

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