Monday, November 18, 2013

Promptings and Epiphanies

So this upcoming week is going to be nuts.  We have four exchanges in pairs of back to back days.  I will be gone till Wednesday night.  Then, I will figure out the “conference call/Skype” access with dad so we can teach Peter in Canada.  Dad, I am really excited to teach with you!

Yesterday we had a test Skype lesson with a friend and it was crazy! I had followed a prompting to ask this specific friend for her help.  Come to find out, she is going to Hawaii next week to see her boyfriend and his family.  They are not members.  The moment I told her what we were doing she said, "This is so perfect!!! You can teach them when I go over there next week!"  Yeah!   I’ve never been to Hawaii but I’m going to teach a lesson there. We were guided to where we were needed even online.

My companion and I have decided that it really would save everyone time and headaches if they just called us as ward secretaries until we finish updating the area book on our iPads.  We have so many new investigators that are actually less actives but whose records have not or will not be requested.  We could do so much good if we could just change address or request records.

Another idea came to me yesterday during church. I feel like I spent a lot of time during the last two lessons that I and my companion taught distracting kids so parents and everyone else could listen.  During one of these moments, I passed a Word of Wisdom pamphlet to the mother for her one year old to play with.  The child immediately put it in his mouth.  The mother said, "No" and pulled it out.  I consoled to the mother by saying, "It’s totally fine if he eats it."  So, I gave a one year old permission to eat a word of wisdom pamphlet.  It seemed funny at the moment.
We went to the temple on Saturday but with Anahi!!  Again, I got to see Hermana Duffin! It was the best! It was an answer to so many prayers that we got a ride.

My thought for the week comes from thinking about comments made by Elder Teh during his tour of our mission.  He talked about agency and Satan.  I had an epiphany!  Satan is miserable because he cannot repent. He opted out.  He chose the route that does not allow him to repent.  It helps me see how glorious repentance really is.  Without repentance, we would be like him.  Repentance is the best!  Repentance is not the backup plan, it is the plan.

Alright, I hope all it well with everyone.  I hope you all know I love you. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? What?   Can that be real?  Maybe it’s hard to believe because it’s still warm.  Oh, and the Christmas light are up! 

Hermana Pickett

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