Monday, November 11, 2013

Transfer Meetings, Faith, and the Brown Recluse

Normally during the week, I would bullet point events in my planner on the Monday page to write home about in my weekly letter. Now that I have an iPad and am without a planner, I have forgotten everything worth writing home about!  So, please bear with me!

Transfers were crazy! A new zone was created.  There are so many new Spanish missionaries that they are now covering English wards and trying to start other Spanish groups.  I love transfer meetings.  I have not missed one since I came on my mission.  

Anahi is still going strong this week! I don’t know what has helped her have the faith she has but she has taught me so much.  She is so brave. I love being blessed to be able to teach her and be here when she wants to be baptized. 

The thought that came this week was about faith.  Faith is not willing something or willing something to be different than it is.  Faith is not inconsistent with Heavenly Father’s plan, the Plan of Salvation, Jesus Christ, the Atonement, happiness etc.  Faith will never interfere with mine or anyone else’s agency.   If you are struggling with dressing modestly or staying for all three hours of church, your problem will not be solved by having more faith that those things will help you.  Rather, faith MUST be based on true principles, the Savior, in order to have the desired result of obedience.  More faith in our Savior leads to a belief that He and His commandments are perfect.  This belief leads to understanding why we should be modest or stay for all of church.  That is the power of faith.

I bought boots! Wohoo!! No one believes me when I say it gets cold here.  They will all want boots here too!

Male Brown Recluse spider has 3 eyes
On Thursday, we were at the library using the computers for Facebook.   It’s easier on a computer than on our tablets with a borrowed and failing internet connection.  Anyway, my leg started to itch.  As we left, it really itched.  By the end of the day, the back side of my upper left leg was completely red and swollen.  Seriously, it was the size of...(I can’t think of anything) half a loaf of bread!  It was hard and hot and huge.  I’m like whoa, what bit me?  The next morning, I started feeling sick like a cold. Then, the next day it gets worse.  I’m nauseous and just not feeling good.  It was stake conference that night.  So I’m just trying to make it to that where I can sit and not talk to anyone.  I hadn’t really eaten that day because I didn’t want to not keep it down.  Conveniently, President and Sister Taylor spoke at the meeting.  I got to talk to her afterward.  She told me to take Benadryl and text her in the morning if it got worse.   I warned Hermana Dayton that Benadryl does not do good things to my brain. I took a dose on Saturday night after the adult session and then again Sunday morning.  That was it.  I seriously was like a walking Zombie.   I got so annoyed so easily.  It was scary!  I tried studying but couldn’t stay awake so I napped.  I don’t really remember yesterday morning, like at all.  A day later,  I’m feeling a lot better. Not feeling really really good but better than I did.  And the bites look... really weird.  Sister Taylor said it was probably a Brown Recluse bite.  I feel like that sounds a lot more intense than I think, right?! I feel like I’ve heard that name before and associate it with the ER.  Anyway... thought you would enjoy that.

We are trying to go to the temple with Anahi and five other less active families. Me encanta el templo!  (I love the temple!)

Hermana Pickett 

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