Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What? An Ostrich? A Cousin?

So, I’m not transfering! What?! That means that by the time I leave this area, I will have spent almost exactly half of my time in this area! I love this because I am also still companions with Hermana Dayton. :)  We have countless miracles happening and being her companion has changed my mission.  She’s awesome.

Our iPads are good in lots of ways, frustrating in others.  Our neighbors are allowing us to use their Wi-Fi.  That has changed everything.  Before that, it almost seemed like a waste of time.   In all, my highlight of the iPad is using it for language study.  This morning we downloaded the accompaniment on LDS Hymns and we sang Christmas hymns in Spanish.  It was soooo fun. It’s weird to see all the missionaries with iPads.  They have saved our lives sometimes.  Still, I’m worried it will begin to look tacky when we have them out a lot.  

We have mission tour this week.  I am not really sure what that means.  Next, for the first time on my mission, we had an investigator who we have never talked to before say she wanted to talk to us.  Then, she said "so, I want to know how I can get baptized into this church".   WHAT?!! I’m pretty sure that I didn’t do a very good job at hiding my shock even though I tried.  Another miracle of this week was Edith.  I am not sure I mentioned her before.  Edith has strengthened my testimony and understanding of how the gospel changes lives.  I love her.  It’s her son that calls me Superwoman.  (Even Superwoman has sidewalk casualties...dog poop.)  I think I told that story.  Because of her, I will forever remember Halloween.  We taught her on that day and it was a very sacred experience.  It was the best. :) I am so excited for her to be baptized.  She knows it involves marriage and to quit smoking.  Still, she is up for it in 3 weeks!

Okay now for my crazy sister missionary story.  On Saturday, we were on our way home when I saw this truck almost take out another car at a stop sign.  I was behind the truck and it was all over the place.  So, we assumed the driver was really drunk.  We didn’t have the non-emergency phone number for the cops so we called our district leader.  I don’t know why that seemed like such a good idea.  Anyway, they tell us to call 911.  We did.  At the same time, I’m following this truck so I can tell the dispatcher the license number and location.  It was bad.  The driver was going the wrong way on a divided street.  He even went into a round about the wrong way.  It was really scary.  We lost him and then found him again.  He had pulled over so we did too.  The dispatcher was on the car speakerphone.  I read him the license plate and was giving him a description of the car and driver when the driver came over and knocked on our window.  We were both nervous! We asked the officer what he wanted us to do.  The officer said whatever we felt safe with.  We ended up getting out of our car and talking with him.  He was REALLY REALLY drunk.  We couldn’t understand him except for some words.  He was coming from the casino and had lost.  He had a separate fake conversation with his girlfriend while talking to us.  I remember understanding "here with two beautiful ladies".  We got him to stay till the cop showed up.  He didn’t even think it was a bad thing that the police were there.  So, it was 9:20, we were a little outside our area, but I am so glad we didn’t just let him go.  I would have felt sick thinking of what could have happened.

Also, we went to go see a referral yesterday and no one was home.  No worries, their ostrich was! WHAT?!  Yes, it was the coolest referral of my mission.  This transfer could not have gotten any better.

This is the last story of the week.  I went to the temple on Saturday. :)  I love the temple.  Sergio and Evelyn come with us.  We came to talk about what it is going to take for them to get sealed in the temple.  The best part is that guess who was our visitor’s center missionary, Hermana Duffin!!!  I got to spend Saturday with my cousin!!! Wohoo!!!! It was the best.  It was one of the unexpected occasions.  Man, I love that girl.

Alright I think that is it.  Have a great week!

Hermana Pickett

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