Monday, December 2, 2013

December? What? Crazy!

Can you believe it is already December? What?  Crazy!  

Thanksgiving has been a highlight, for sure.  So, my area is pretty close to the Phoenix
Airport.  Normally, we see planes landing or taking off frequently.  On Wednesday, however, there were soooo many planes!!! Wednesday night at about 8, I counted easily 17 planes, That is 17 easily visible planes. When I counted same time same place two days later, I saw only 3.  It was nuts on Wednesday with all of the airplanes!!!  On Thanksgiving, we got to leave twice for dinner.  I was so full after eating two dinners with only 40 minutes in between them.  It was nice staying inside on Thanksgiving, but it was not fun.  It’s hard to push out of your head the thought of what everyone else might be doing.  Because you are staying inside, you don’t have things to distract you.  We did came up with a good things to do.  We set up the Christmas tree that Hermana Dayton's mom had sent her.  Yeah, nuts!  So.. Christmas here I come.

Our stay inside on Thanksgiving was nice because it was a pause.  Because I stayed inside, I was not worrying about "What are we doing to live our purpose?" or "What invitation are we going to leave with them?"  It was so different.  It really had me stop and think about the day I go home and take of my name tag.  It will be hard.  I will feel like a part of me that I love is being taken away.  I also think I will feel a load lifted off of my shoulders.  It is a great privilege and also a responsibility to represent the Savior.  I am so grateful He is Him better than I represent Him. 

Other than our stay inside on Thanksgiving, it’s just been a pretty normal week.  We finished exchanges for the transfer on Wednesday! Wohoo!  Hermana Dayton and I have really been studying and praying about how to help our area.  We talked with the bishopric yesterday about how to help the ward here.  At first, we are all stumped!   It has been incredible to watch the inspiration come and then have God confirm it through others or through our studies.  Basically, we are going for a deeper conversion rampage.  It will come from doing the little things everyday: scripture study, prayer, church every week and FHE.  These are the things that can get everyone out of being "sophisticated neutrals". 

I hope everyone has a wonderful start of the Christmas season.  Enjoy your snow!  I’ll enjoy my short sleeve and a skirt weather!

Hermana Pickett

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