Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Querida Familia!

The news is, I am leaving!  I am also training.  Since there is only one Spanish Hermana coming in, President Taylor told me who my new companion is. Her name is Hermana Palomino.  She is from Peru.  So there is the news.  After emailing, I am going to pack.  We have three appointments tonight.  I am really sad to leave Estrella and Hermana Dayton right before Christmas.  But, I will never take for granted being able to choose who I am with and what I do for Christmas ever again! 

Christmas conference was THE BEST.   After an amazing morning at the transfer building, we went to the temple to do a session.  We did a session and then got to walk around for a couple of minutes to see the lights.  After having been on a mission for almost a year, receiving a hug from President and Sister Taylor and then my companion in the celestial room was one of the best presents I could have asked for. 

It seems as if everyone has taken a vacation from church the past couple of weeks... interesting how the holidays do that sometimes. But... on the bright side Christy is getting baptized in 2 weeks!!!! :) I am so happy for her! 
I had a really cool experience last Friday and Saturday.  We had a talk with our zone leaders and district leader about how to best help out the Hermana’s we live with.  It was such a good experience.  I feel like I finally know how to help the sisters in the mission.  I started the whole sister training leader thing as the guinea pig and it has come so far!  Still, I am sad now that I finally feel I might know how to actually help, I’m done.  Oh well.  At least now it’s set up better for those who serve.  And I actually mean that... what?!

Well, I have more I could say but.. I do need to go pack.   I also want to do something fun this afternoon here before leaving.  So, I will leave you with a Merry Christmas!!!

Hermana Pickett

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