Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bicycles and Covenants

Before I forget, next week is transfers.  I will not be writing again until Tuesday.  Now that that is out of the way, happy MLK day!  The word on the street is that today is a holiday. Honestly, I don't even know anymore.

The highlight this last week was going to the Gilbert Temple open house.  It was beautiful…and HUGE!  It was also a very special feeling to be inside a temple with a lot of families we are working with to get there to make their covenants with God. There was a spirit that really testified to me that this is where I want to be with them.  My lowlight was just being sooo tired.  I have had really weird dreams and have not slept well this week. On Saturday, I had the biggest headache all day.

I have come to love the 30 minutes on Sunday night right after “call ins”. It is my favorite moment of the week.  Right after I hang up the phone for accountability, I can just breathe.  Everything that happened during the week has been accounted for.  I get a day to do something not so intense, p-day.  I cannot say it is more relaxed.  They are very intense but not spiritually heavy with the weight of responsibility for other’s salvation.   Basically, I LOVE the 30 minutes after “call ins” on Sunday night.  It's as refreshing as completing the hardest math final!

This week we have interviews, trainer/trainee meeting and it's week six of the transfer!  Wohoo! Hermana Palomino has officially survived a transfer.  My spiritual thought this week came from a church video I watched title “ Parable of the Bicycle."  (Click on the link to view the video.)  I absolutely loved it. For me, judgment day and the atonement never really felt that real.  As I watched this video, it became real.  I really want to receive exaltation.  As much as I think I want it now, I believe I will long for it one thousand times more.  In that moment, like the girl in the video, I will see how short I am in deserving it. Then, as I have been promised, I will be so relieved and happy that the Atonement will not just help me at that moment but helped me to be able to get to that moment. How grateful I am for the Atonement and the strength I have as I can access it throw the covenants I have made. It's all going to be good. As long as I live the gospel, I have the promise that it will be the best! :)  The past couple of weeks have been super hard but I feel like we are progressing in our area!  Always leave it better than you left it!

Hermana Pickett

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