Monday, January 6, 2014

Christi Was Baptized!

So I got to watch Christi get baptized!  It was amazing!!!   I got to go back to West Maricopa and see my district.:)  I cried a lot.

Hermana Holmes goes home tomorrow morning. :(   It's really weird to be around a missionary who is dealing with the going home process.

This week we are going to Tempe to listen to Elder HH Holland. I'm pretty sure all of the missions in Arizona are going.  Unfortunately Hermana Duffin is going at an earlier time.  I won't see her.:(  Also this week, we taught a young lady from one of Shae’s EFY groups that is not a member.  That was an amazing experience.   There were multiple sketchy situations this week.  Don’t worry, it was all good.  Apparently the Phoenix mission is relatively safe.  That is why we get so many sisters.  I can't even imagine what other missions are like.  Yikes!

On Friday, Hermanas Baumgartner and Stanley came down from Prescott Valley to stay the night before going to a sealing ordinance at the temple on Saturday.  The ordinance was for recent converts they were working with. Hermana Holmes also went.  It was a crazy experience.  I felt more annoyed then than I have felt in a super long time.  So... I need to repent this weekend. :)   

My favorite quote for this week is:

“You cannot afford to do any of those things which do not square with the precepts, the teachings, the principles which the God of Heaven has set down because of His love for you and His desire that your lives be rich and full and purposeful.

I'm going to try and help Hermana Holmes pack so I have got to go.

Love you all,

Hermana Pickett

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