Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Family!

I would love to Skype when Tim and Natalie are there, so... 6 o'clock it is!  Also I got the package.  Thank you!  I am saving it till Christmas.

So, the first news of the new area is that I live with the Davis family!  Brother and Sister Davis are awesome!   Their daughter has her birthday on Christmas.  You will be getting a picture of her and a picture of me with the coolest member for the Davis family.... Annie!!!   I lived all my life begging for a dog... all I had to do was serve a mission!  I get to come home to a dog every night!  It's like a dream come true.
But, on the same subject... Dad,  any ideas as to how to handle allergies?   I thought you would enjoy that!
Wohoo!  It is just really nice to be in a home.  It's crazy how different it is.  This morning, Sister Davis got a guitar out .  I was so happy!!!   And, we study by a Christmas tree!   Life could not be much better for Christmas.  Solano is a great area and ward. They might as well call me as the ward pianist.  Currently, they have to ask a member of another ward to come play for sacrament meeting.  But now, it's me.

Have you ever heard of Glendale Glitters?  I had but never thought I'd see them on my mission.  (Glendale Glitters is Glendale’s award-winning holiday lighting event. This year marks the city’s 20th year. It is a stunning display of 1.5 million lights illuminating 16 blocks of Historic Downtown Glendale.  It is the largest free holiday light display in Arizona.)  

Hermana Holmes, one of my two new companions, and I have completely switched roles.  She was with me for the first three weeks of my mission and I am here for the last three weeks of hers.  She is not excited to leave. :(   I am sure glad to have her here to ease the transition.

Besides that, I don't really know what else to say.  Tara!  I'll get Mom and Dad to call you for a minute on Christmas so I can just say hi. :)  I'm looking forward to talking to you on Christmas!

Hermana Pickett

Also... I'm emailing from my iPad now.  Weird!:)

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