Monday, February 24, 2014

Change...and the Joy that Comes From It!

Right now, I and my companion have the Glen Lake Sisters over.  We are all writing emails and watching The Testaments.   In an hour, we are leaving to go to a zone activity.  Yeah!  This is not so much for the zone activity.  It is more for spending time with other sisters.  That is super fun! :)

I feel like I could sum up this week with a testimony.  I know the enabling power of the Atonement is real.  There is no way I could have done what I have done this week alone.   It is way more than I could handle.  With the Atonement, my "burdens" were made light. It is amazing to feel it work in my life.  I can turn to God.  He is always there.

I went on exchanges and had the chance opportunity to teach a family that I taught when I was in Agua Fria.  They have requested English missionaries.  I just happened to be on exchanges with the English sisters when they were scheduled to go by.  It has been almost a year since I had seen them! It was crazy!  I'm going to Estrella this week on exchanges!!  I'm so excited!  

So we talked to this group of friends on Saturday who were Christian.  As we rode away on our bikes,  I cried. They were so deceived and tried to convince me that I was wrong.  Juan, who said he had read the whole Book of Mormon, told me all of my doubts would be answered if I stopped reading the it.  It amazed me how sad I felt at the thought that if this group of friends never opened their hearts to the Spirit and let Him teach them what words cannot, I will not be able to be with them and with God in the end.  I never thought I could feel that away about complete strangers!  It truly made me so sad. This world is so confusing!  Satan is so good at getting people so focused on stuff that  they are lost.

Yesterday we spoke with a man that had acknowledged us and then started giving us all sorts of attitude.  Granted he was drinking and the situation in general was not great.  So, I asked him straight up why he was drinking.  (I figured if he was going to be bold so I thought I should be as well.)   He told me that we have to drink today because we only live once.  Then, he pulled out another beer. 

So, we have one new investigator this week! Tonight we have an FHE with a recent convert who is awesome! She is sooo solid! I love being able to see people change and

the joy that comes from it. It's the best!

Oh, this weekend is the temple dedication!  Dad, too bad you weren't here for this weekend!

Love you!
Hermana Pickett

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