Monday, January 27, 2014

Simple Conversations with God

I have a funny fact for the week.   Hermana Palomino, my companion from Peru, was super confused by the concept of littering.  After I tried explaining it, she got the idea that it was against the law to eat while walking somewhere.  That is really funny.  (It reminds me of all the other funny language mix ups in my life from living outside the USA.)  No worries, I clarified it so she is good to go with eating and walking. :)

We have a car but are limited on the number of miles we can drive each month.  This month, we are almost completely out of miles.  This means we are biking till the end of the month!  It is great news for me! I love biking.  My companion gets a bit overwhelmed with appointments super far away.  My response is, "Yeah they are far but we bike!"  I have been saved by millage.  Hermana Palomino is great and is a lot more content with biking now she has purchased a new bike seat.

Online proselyting has gotten a lot better recently. I have had some amazing experiences that I never dreamed I would have. Elder Cordero, he and I initially met at the MTC and then came to Arizona together, is now my district leader.  Anyway, he taught his mom on Skype. At district meeting last week, we practiced the lesson he was about to have with her. The Spirit was super strong.  I felt it guiding me in helping to prepare El Cordeo.  After district meeting, El Cordeo and his companion taught her on Skype.  In the past, she has rejected missionary’s efforts but that day she accepted the invitation to be baptized! :)  And… her son got to ask her. :)  That was a really cool experience for us as a district.

This last week we had interviews.  I love interviews!

My "key learning" for the week comes from an article in the February  Liahona.  What I loved was the “connection box” at the end of the article that relates communication to prayer and our relationship with Heavenly Father.  It read:

IMPROVING YOUR RELATIONSHIP  WITH HEAVENLY FATHER... Many people communicate with God at a superficial level. If you pray out of duty or use habitual phrases, you may find it difficult to connect with Heavenly Father and He will feel distant. Communicating with God is different from just talking to Him. President Joseph F. Smith (1838–1918) taught: “We do not have to cry unto him with many words. We do not have to weary him with long prayers. . . . Let the prayer come from the heart, let it not be in words that are worn into ruts in the beaten tracks of common use, without thought or feeling in the use of those words.” 

Do you share with your Heavenly Father your innermost beliefs, feelings, and desires? Have you shared with Him the secret ambitions that lie in your heart? Can you pour out your heart to Him? And do you practice listening for His responses? Sincere words spoken in humble prayer will allow you to develop a deeper connection with Heavenly Father. Listening for and implementing His counsel will enrich and strengthen the relationship. As you express gratitude for specific blessings, live the gospel, and become more like Jesus Christ, you will demonstrate your love for Heavenly Father.

I LOVED that.  I tried to really apply it that night in my prayer.  It was such a spiritual experience to think of my prayers that way.  I love the conversations I get to have with my Heavenly Father even more now than I did before as I try to better my relationship with him in how I communicate in my prayers. Prayer is a lot of work. It's not easy. But thank goodness it's simple!

Hope you all had a good week and keep on smiling!

Hermana Pickett

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