Monday, February 10, 2014

Sixty-Five Years Old!!!

I now have an Arizona driver’s license that doesn't expire till 2057!!!!!! I don't even know how old I will be! That's like after the second coming. Too bad I'll have to get a new one when I get married and my name changes. :(  It's not a bad thing.  The DMV, however, is a bad thing.

Well, let's see. This last week Hermana Palomino was sick. Today, I’m not feeling super good.  I'm hoping it's just another allergy episode. I have frequently felt sick as my body is constantly trying to get away from this dog that I love! :(  Oh well.  Hermana Palomino is also a Facebook teaching machine. I can't talk to more than two people at a time.  She does miracles.  This week has been a good one for Facebook.
 We are moving! Not sure when or where. It might be a "hey you need to move today" sort of thing. Bummer. :(   I've loved living here. :)  By the way, whenever anyone hears I'm from Chicago they always proceed to inform me of how cold it is there.  They say, “You must be loving it here instead of there."  I never have the nerve to tell them that I'm not actually from Chicago and that I actually have no idea what a Chicago winter is like. 

We have zone conference this week. And I found out I get to go back to Estrella for exchanges in March!!  I'm so excited.  We've been biking a lot recently.  In an attempt to meet all of the members, we have been eating with ward members who do not live in our area.  It uses a lot of our car mile allotment to go all the way to 25th Avenue and back.  That is why we bike.  It's been fun.  I love biking. I would do it over driving any day.

This week I've had some amazing reminders of how much God really does answer our prayers. I know He does. It might be later than you wanted, even years.  It might not be how you wanted or expected.  God is there.  He cares.  Your desires are important to Him.  As we align our desires to His through prayer and time, we live His will.  He has promised to help us.

Love you all. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Hermana Pickett

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