Monday, March 24, 2014

Brute and Benji

The best part of this week is that Wednesday is my birthday!   Additionally, we have interviews that day.  That means I get to see President Taylor!  

The first story I have to tell you is something I totally forgot last week.  I was eating dinner when I saw a cockroach with antennas and all in my rice! 

We saved two dogs this week!  As we were backing out one morning, we saw two huge labs running down the street.  Everyone was yelling at them.  So, I turned the car around and parked. We got out and whistled to them. One came and then we got the other.  We walked them back to our house by their collars. I found Annie's leash.  Annie is the dog of the members we live with.  We put the leash on one dog and then looped it to the other dog.  The dogs didn't have any info on their collars so we walked with them on one leash.  Actually they pulled us!  Eventually, we walked back to our garage, got the dogs water, and waited on hold with animal control.  We were on hold for 45 minutes!   Finally they answered, we gave them the information and they thanked us for calling and said they would come and get the animals.  Then, they said it would be six hours before they could arrive.  " WHAT?!  

We decided to use Facebook so fulfill our duty to find people. The dogs slept the whole time we were on Facebook. They were tuckered out.   Later, we found a note on our front door that said "return my dogs" with a phone number.   We called the number. They came to get them and we got to call animal control back.  Another 30 minutes on hold.  But! We named the dogs.  We named them after the office elders: Brute and Benji.

Wednesday was Sister’s Specialized Training. Hermana Welch and I sang.  It went well. That night I got to see and talk to Breanna.  (Breanna is the daughter of the mission president and was also a lifeguard in Provo with me.)  That was so nice.   To be in the mission home was so refreshing.

Yesterday, church was crazy. Behind us in sacrament meeting was this couple that was snuggled up taking a nap.  It was not a  “I feel asleep" but... they made themselves comfortable.  It was so uncomfortable.   In Relief Society, two men walked in and sat down during the lesson. One of them looked around, realizing it wasn't Sunday school, smiled and quickly left. The other man didn't notice till the lesson was almost finished. It was soooo funny.

Well... It's been a rough week too.  I had a really good thought this afternoon. Everything in this gospel and church is so intertwined.   It one falls so does the other.  In those moments of doubt, I start to get scared about maybe being blinded.  I love that there is one thing that makes it right, prayer.  I do what I do because of the feeling I have when I pray.  God is there as I have felt Him.  God is not here to confuse me but to bring me peace. What I feel is real and so opposite to what Satan and the world teach.  I am so grateful for prayer, for truth, and for God.  If you have doubts, I invite you to dig deeper.   God wants to teach you and show you more.

Well, I'm going to go eat something sweet my companion bought me for my birthday!  General Conference starts this week.  At home, we would normally make something good to eat on Saturday.  I'm making carrot cake to share!  I'm so excited!  

Love you all,  Hermana Pickett

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