Monday, March 31, 2014

A Blessing Handed to Me!

Let me fill you in on our week. It involved 3 day food poisoning starting during interviews on Wednesday, catching bedbugs at 2:30 in the morning, allergic reactions to bites, and the affects of Benadryl.  I have an emergency appointment with the doctor about my bites this afternoon.  They are very swollen and painful.  I will let you know.

Let me tell you the miracles that I have seen this week.  This week we received a referral.   Unfortunately, referrals are generally jokes.  Of the 10 referrals we have recently received, they have all been wrong or incomplete addresses,  or people who really don't want to talk to us. We do follow up on them but never hold out much hope for them.  It was 8:20 pm.  This referral had an incomplete address.  So, we called the number.  They answered!  I was shocked.  We asked if we could come over.  The gentleman on the phone talked to his wife and then agreed.  I was even more shocked!  We ended up walking right in.  We talked to him and his wife.  Then, I handed them my iPad and encouraged them to pick what day they wanted to be baptized.  (I had never done this before!)  I was shocked even more!  They picked this weekend.  I asked if we could change it to next weekend because of general conference.  They agreed.   The long story is that they have cousins that are members.   They had attended the Gilbert Temple open house over two months ago.  Why the referral took so long to get to us, I do not know.  The family thought it was never going to happen. 

Why I was allowed to be here to literally just hand this family the blessings of an eternal life, I have no idea.  I am so grateful that God let me participate.  This family is so special.  I have never felt or seen Satan working harder on a family than I have this week.  So, your prayers on their behalf would be greatly appreciated.   Their names are Jorge, Maria, Andrea, Jorge, Merissa and Angelica.   I love them!  
My testimony this week:   God is in the very details of our life to help us succeed.  I have no idea why I get this opportunity but I do know my heart is full every time I am with this family.  The spirit I feel when we are in their home is not describable.  The thought that runs through my head all day everyday is that the father will be able to give his wife and children priesthood blessings when they become warn out caring for their special needs daughter.  Then, in a year from now, they can be sealed as a family.

It's amazing!  My journal is full describing every lesson in detail with them.  They are experiences I will never forget.  

It was a pretty good week. My body is really struggling but God needs us. This family needs us to bring them what they cannot get alone, access to the atonement of Jesus Christ.  God let me be here.  How great is my God.

Con mucho amor,  Hermana Pickett

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