Monday, March 17, 2014

It Feels Hope!

 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  It's been a good one.  I'm wearing green.  We bought those super gross but delicious sugar cookies that are green from Walmart.  I love those frosted things!  Unfortunately, we no longer have internet in our new house.  We are at the stake center emailing.  Earlier today, we played chair soccer.  I got hit so many times that my body hurts.  Still, it's all good.

This last week was amazing.  Hermana Welch is my new companion.   I was the Sister Training Leader with her on her first exchange last year.  It's amazing to see how she has changed. We have so many things in common it's crazy.  It's been really really fun to just laugh and work super hard together.   We both miss Estrella.  Speaking of which, however, I am going to Estrella with Hermana Dayton for exchanges this transfer.  What?!?!   I'm so excited!  Hermana Walker is now my sister training leader.  Crazy how good it feels to see my companions working so hard and doing so much good.

This week we also have Sisters Specialized Training. Sister Taylor asked us to sing the song I translated.  We came up with a harmony this weekend and are working on putting it together.  I think it's going to sound really good. :)  Still, I'm a bit nervous. I really don't like singing in front of people.

Sister Davis and Ali, the members we live with, moved into the new house this weekend.   They are leaving this week to go to Idaho.  We are dog sitting! We had some amazing lessons this week.  They were lessons where we did not have a lesson plan prepared but we were both following one the Spirit provided.  I love moments like that when you know you must be doing something right.

At our transfer meeting, every single Hermana was there!  Crazy!  We took a picture because that never happens.  I had a really weird thought on Thursday. The chances of me finishing my mission as Hermana Welch's companion are totally plausible.  If so, it is unfortunate as I did not think about that before this last transfer meeting.  I might have missed out on crying… "because it's my last one!"  I'm going to be really sad I missed out on the good cry.:(  Our district, ward, area/companionship has completely done a 180.  It feels so good to feel like there is hope!   

This week is going to be good, busy.   You should check my Facebook this week.   I've asked friends to participate and feel free to join in!

Love you all and thank you for your prayers in my behalf,

Hermana Pickett

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