Monday, March 3, 2014

March, March, March!

Hola familia!   Can you believe it's already March? 

Every week, someone writes me  saying, "I hope you are enjoying your nice weather because here it's (fill in the blank with some extreme weather)."   You can enjoy the fact that this weekend Phoenix had extreme weather.   It rained like I have never seen!!!  Apparently, it was a "once in a hundred years" kind of storm.  Me being the "rain never lasts long around here" missionary, I suggested we ride bikes.  Well, let me just tell you... the rain did not stop.  From the moment we left after dinner untill 9:30 when we got home, it was pouring.  I borrowed a sort of rain jacket from a member.  Still, it was like I had been walking in a pool.  I was completely wet from my waist down out preaching the Gospel.   It was soooooooo fun!! I loved it.   When we arrived to visit the family from Haiti, the mother tried to get us to change. I refused because EVERYTHING was wet.  Changing my skirt would make things worse when the dry skirt became wet know.  So, all settled with keeping our wet clothes on and wrapping ourselves in a towel.  I sat on the floor for the lesson, in my towel, (over my skirt).  

At one moment during the lesson, the father, who I do not understand because I do not speak French, stood up pointing at me and yelling something.  He started walking towards me.  Everyone else started trying to tell me what to do. I had no idea what was going on.  It ends up that a cockroach had run underneath me. I did this super awkward leg lift as the father killed the bug.  Awkward!  We biked home.  The rain got worse!  We were in water up to my knees, on my bike.  I'm pretty sure my companion will never trust me again when I say things like, "Oh, the rain won't last long..."   It's like hiking with mom when she says,  "It's just around that bend."

So... in other news... Going back to Estrella was amazing!! I couldn't sleep the night I got there I was so excited. :)   It is kind of pathetic but real.  It was also really hard to hear and see everything that has happened or is happening and not be able to stay and help.  I was soooo happy that day.  That night we closed exchanges with a Sonic shake... naturally.  I realized something, I don't like Sonic shakes that much!   What?!  Yeah, it broke my heart but I think it's because they kill my stomach.   I just don't like eating them anymore.
I have another funny story.  Last p-day, I put on my skirt to leave and as I adjusted it with my belt, the zipper broke.  It started opening below the zipper head. So, I tried to move the zipper head down to take the skirt off and fix it. I couldn’t.  I had Sister Davis try…no luck. My skirt was stuck on my body with a huge hole where the zipper should be holding it together.  So, I took out scissors and cut my skirt off of me!  Then Ali and Sister Davis were all teasing, “Didn't you say just last night that you thought you were losing weight?"  

The Gilbert temple dedication was good.  I ended up giving all of my "home made" handkerchiefs away.  In as much as I was left without one, another sister let me borrow one her grandma sent her.  It was beautiful.  I wanted to keep it so badly.  One day I'll get one like that. :)  

Today I'm getting my hair cut!  I found a less active that we can never get to talk to us.  She cuts hair!  How convenient that I have such thick hair!  It always takes such a long time for anyone to cut it. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Pickett for this opportunity!   I read the talk by Elder Tad R. Callister which is highlighted in the article Grandma Pickett sent.  It was amazing!!!  All should read Elder Callister’s talk from the CES fireside this last January.  Elder Callister's Talk  It is SO GOOD!  I wish everyone I meet could read it.  We could then talk about baptism.  It so good! It made me even more firm in my desire to finish reading the Gospels before I leave the mission.  I have to finish the Book of Mormon again first.  This is the true church.  It's fantastic!!

Alright, I'm starving and I think I decently covered this week.  Oh, next week we have transfers so I won't email until Tuesday.  We are also moving.  Please do not send anything to this address anymore.

Love you all!
Hermana Pickett

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