Monday, April 14, 2014

Ordinances and Fresas con Crema

I'm going to try and make this fast because we are going bowling!!!  Wohoo!  Best zone activity idea ever! Hermana Welch and I have plans to go dressed up! Wohoo! We are going all out.  We are prepared for awkwardness because our zone thinks we are weird, oh well.

This week! Where do I start!  Yes! The Alarcons were baptized and confirmed! They are members and they have the Holy Ghost! I love that family.  Saturday, the day they were baptized, was absolutely nuts. We got up early to have time to finish our studies before having to go to the church to fill the font. Filling the font was its own adventure.  When we finally finished setting up for the baptism, we got on Facebook for like 20 minutes.  Our baptism started late by 20 minutes.  It was hectic because there were two other baptisms after ours.  I had so many people telling me to hurry to do this or that.  I was stressed.   In the end, it was okay because everyone received the ordinances they needed and everyone got Fresas con crema.  (Strawberries and cream)  Life is not all that bad.

We went straight from the baptism to pick up other Hermanas and then to the Mesa temple grounds to help with the pageant, Spanish night.  We received permission to stop at Bahama Bucks and get shaved ice.  This was nice because we had not eaten since the morning.  Then, we went to the park by the temple and just talked to people for three hours before the Pageant started.  I got to see Allison! It's was so fun to see her randomly.   She told me that the Mesa mission just has 2 Spanish zones and she is driving a truck.  (I want to drive a truck!)  The craziest part was after watching the pageant we were walking back to our car and someone tapped me on the shoulder and said "Hi Sister Pickett" it was my friend Josh from EFY. Yeah, I flipped out.  We didn't get back till after 11 that Saturday night.  So, I'm still recovering but it was a good day.

Oh, I should mention that transfers are next week so I won't be writing till Tuesday.

Love you,

Hermana Pickett

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