Monday, April 7, 2014

His Promises

My hand got much worse on Monday evening.  On Tuesday, I went back to the doctor.  He said my arm was looking better..... I think he's nuts!  He told me to keep taking the antibiotics and come back in a week.  When his office staff scheduled the appointment, they did it in two weeks.  So, the whole place is nuts!

At home, we dealt with bed bug clean up. The whole 9 yards of drying every item of clothing, placing them in black bags and putting the bags in our car parked in the sun so that everything would get even hotter.  We then lived out of those bags in the garage till Friday night. My coping was to wear an outfit twice.  After we moved back in, it felt so good!  Unfortunately, I still have nightmares about cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, and spiders sleeping on me.  I learned to curl my hair this week with a method that works well!  In the past, my efforts to curl never really worked.  I can thank my cosmetologist companion. :)

It's weird to hear about and see what my college friends are doing. They are all finishing up their student teaching.  It's weird to think that is what I would be doing had I not come on my mission.  I would never go back and do it differently. My mission is way too precious to me.

Speaking of which.... the Alarcons!  They are all ready to be baptized on Saturday! I am just.... filled!  I am really excited for them. Every lesson, every interaction is a spiritual experience for me. Every member that meets them is just so excited because they are so prepared!  I think it is helping many of the members realize the work is real!

I loved conference!!  I learned something really cool about obedience. I'm going to write this but I'm not sure it will sound any different than what you hear every day.  Please ask me about it when I'm home and maybe the fluctuation in my voice can clarify what I actually learned.  The whole point of us coming to earth and participating in Heavenly Father’s plan was to return and receive all of His promises. Every trial of our faith is just that, a trial of our faith, our faith in Him and His promises.  So, trials are here to test our commitment in keeping the commandments of God and our covenants with Him. If we are obedient, we express faith in Him and will receive His promises.  If we are disobedient, we choose to rebel against the faith we have and separate ourselves from His blessings and His plan.  A great example is Lucifer who rebelled against Gods plan.

I am not sure if that helps or if it even makes sense but it changed the way I think and interact with everyone.  Everything is meant to see if we will keep the faith and stay committed to the commandments.

Les quiero mucho!  Hermana pickett

P.S. We made the carrot cake this week.  We made it without a grater. Oh yeah! We grated our carrots with a knife. That's real.

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