Monday, May 26, 2014

I Love Music

It's Hermana Welch's birthday on Thursday!   So, today we bought some treats.  It's getting hotter.... But since we aren't biking anymore it's been easier on us.

Martin.... I love him!!!  Yesterday we went to see him and his aunt who had been in the hospital all week.  We ended up just listening to him tell us about his life.  I understand him so much more now. He is super cool. He has diligence like no one else I've met. It's crazy. We had some good lessons with him this week. Teaching him on Facebook has completely changed the experience. Now when we see him in person, he is so much more open to telling us what he really feels and thinks.  That is helpful.  He owns coming to church.  He shows up just beaming.  It's really funny because he will not sit with us.  He will either sit by himself or we force the Elders on him.  He's awesome.

Speaking of church yesterday, it was horrible.   Relief Society turned into an argument where my companion and I left crying.  Yeah, it was bad.  Our ward mission leader spoke to all the women after Relief Society but before sacrament meeting.  The experience made me grateful for those who stand up against false doctrine and adhere to the church handbook.   It was not a good experience for the Elder’s investigator who had been sitting with us. It was their first time at church.

This last week, my companion and I were invited to a special musical training. It was so cool. The sister in charge of the musical production for the Phoenix Cultural Celebration (PCC) taught a workshop.  She instructed us on how to conduct music in meetings.  We also sang our mission song for her.  Now, she wants to get all of the missionaries involved in the PCC. Too bad I won't be here. :(  Another speaker at the training was William Joseph.  He played for us and talked about how music is appropriate when it helps us "receive the Holy Ghost".  It was sooo cool.  You should YouTube him.  He is so good.  He played Battle Hymn of the Republic.  His mix of God Be with You Till We Meet Again and He Is Risen are so good.  I love music.

We had exchanges this week.  Hermana Jenson came here.  We go home together.  She wants to come back in August and asked if I would come with her.  I was like... Yeah!!   The Alarcon’s made it to the temple.  Allison was there!  I swear it is never planned but I almost always see her!  It was probably the last time so that is sad.  The temple experience was not the best this time.

This week we had a blessing needed and no consecrated oil.  By the time we got some, we decided to keep the left overs and we are getting our own containers.  It will save a lot of time in the future. I love the priesthood!  That's all I can think of for this week.


Hermana Pickett

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