Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm Addicted

Happy Mother's Day on Sunday to Mom, Tara and Natalie!

To summarize last week.... Martin!  For someone who doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon, he sure is happy to see us and come to church!  He is right at home at church. That's so awesome!  My area is really picking up.  We have a lot of miracles happening.   For instance, we went to teach a less active for which we had received a referral.  When we met with her, we discovered she wasn't baptized and wants to be!  It's great to be a part of it.  It's also very tiring but I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's nice to not feel cursed. 

We taught Relief Society yesterday.  Our Relief Society President had call on Saturday night.  She asked us to call them all to repentance. We said, "Gladly!"  Actually, it went really well.  I've been more attentive to the spiritual gifts of the members recently as we have focused on loving them even more and making sure they know they are loved. It's been powerful to focus on the gifts and talents of those we so easily get frustrated with or even people we barely know.

We got a new ward mission leader yesterday.  It was one of those “thatmomentwhentheyreleasethem” shockers.  Your heart is racing because you know you are going to be working a lot with this person.  Then, it is over!  You know.  Come to find out, our new mission leader just got back from his mission a month ago.  He is younger than I am! Crazy!

Tomorrow we have zone conference.  We are singing the EFY medley for our zone's musical number. It's sounding good.  This week, I have been focusing my studies on the roles of mothers and fathers as well as the priesthood. It's been really refreshing to read the apostles’ addresses on the subject of marriage and family.  I feel I better understand what principles they must be based off of to truly be Christ centered.

Also, Elder Bednar has asked every missionary to become pros at family history.  So, we were all given the "My Family Books" and asked to complete them and our work online.  My invitation is for you to go in and fix it up by adding pictures and memories.  It is super cool!  I'm addicted.  The website is and it should take you to the new one.   Honestly, the more memories the cooler.  It's so fun to see the pictures that are up!

That's pretty much it.  Love you all!

Hermana Pickett

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