Monday, April 28, 2014

It's the Team That Will Never Lose

Martin is doing awesome! He is still stuck on the Book of Mormon but I have never seen anyone so sincerely fixed on getting an answer. He came to church yesterday!  He has do much faith it's ridiculous. He just keep coming back, even when experience number one was horrible.

Speaking of church, yesterday it was nuts!  Gospel Principles was a civil war of correct and false doctrine. Sacrament meeting went 20 minutes over.  My favorite was the Hermano that quoted president Uchtdorf's by saying "el Elder Daiter" and President Monson as "Presidente Thomas".  I spent most of it helping Angelica stay semi calm.  The best... Hermano Alarcon got the priesthood!!!  Also, we got him on family search this week.  He loves it!  They have their temple interview in Wednesday.  Hopefully next week we can go to the temple with them.

Last night we stopped by to visit Ruben.  I haven't seen Ruben in like a month and a half. He just picked a date to be baptized.  We have a lot of plans to support him including seeing him every day.  He needs to stop smoking and drinking.  Wow.

I have had a lot of opportunities this week to talk to youth from EFY on Facebook. It's so neat to see some of them prepare for missions and help others who are struggling. A lot of them are married, weird.
One of the girls from Indiana is leaving on her mission in a couple of weeks.  She goes out with the sister missionaries in her ward a lot. As she was talking with them, she found out that the sister missionary was a girl in my EFY group from Nauvoo!  That was awesome!

I learned this week a lot about the power of God. He has power to do all.  He loves to help us achieve the goals and dreams that we choose with our agency. Gods will is for us to be happy.   Why so many times do we leave that so vague?   I don't know.  If you leave it blank, it will stay blank.  God doesn't fill in dreams and desires. He helps them become reality. I love it. It's the team that will never loose :)

I hope you all have a great week.

Hermana Pickett

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