Monday, May 12, 2014

Standards of Excellence

The big news for the week is that as a companionship, we got Standards of Excellence!!!!  So exciting!  Let me explain.  Every mission has a set standard of key indicators for a week that are designated "Standards of Excellence".  They are set very high to motivate missionaries to work hard. Missionaries very rarely meet them.  I have never heard of a Spanish area meeting them.  The standards for my mission are:
  • 2 baptized and confirmed (these last for four weeks after the baptism)
  • 5 investigators at church
  • 5 new investigators
  • 10 members present for discussions
  • 4 investigators on date
  • 20 total lessons
We had:
  •  4 baptized and confirmed (the Alarcons from exactly four weeks ago)
  • 7 investigators at church
  • 5 new investigators
  • 11 members present or discussions
  • 6 investigators on date
I’m exhausted.  It was sooo fun! It was amazing to see the hand of God in everything.  When Hermana Welch arrived last transfer, I told her that I felt impressed to set the “Standards of Excellence” as a goal.  I was super hesitant to do so because, well, I feel like the curse of the mission.  I keep working but it is not until I leave an area that everything picks up.  Not this time!!! I was so excited all week and super happy to watch the miracles just happen.

Having 7 people at church was nuts!  It helps me appreciate more when members really do take investigators under their wing and become their friend. Otherwise, you get missionaries like us yesterday.  Missionaries who look like they are going crazy running around with their heads cut off!  On Saturday we took Martin, our investigator to a baptism. It was in English.  He didn’t understand a thing.  Still, it was good because we sat in the car with him, the bishop and the bishop’s wife for 20 minutes helping him understand his main two questions.  Martin asks everyone we bring the same questions.  He seems sincere in his question like he really wants to know.

The Ramirez family is awesome too! Mom and dad, they are the ones who want to go to Chicago soon.  I said I would see them there! She bought us a flower for Mother’s Day on Saturday.  She, her sister Perla, and her family all have a baptism date for the same day in June.  It is so cool because by just looking at them, you would not think they would be interested in the church!  It is amazing to watch them change as they feel the Spirit and grasp the gospel! It’s beautiful!  I am loving it.

Today we learned how to make quesadillas el Salvadorenos.  The woman who taught us told us her life story while they were baking.  I am not joking.  It was her life story.  But, it felt so familiar.   It was like I was with my own grandparents.  I loved it and the quesadillas tasted so good!

We are going to the temple this Saturday with the Alarcons!  Brother Alarcon will be baptized for his father and his wife will be baptized for his mother :)  I’m super excited.

Well, I got to get going. We still haven’t been grocery shopping.  Love you,

 Hermana Pickett

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